Virtual Dressing Room

Well now this is cool. announced a fun new toy on thier website, a virtual dressing room.

You upload your photo (they give you tips on getting that right)

Select your gowns and try them on to your hearts content.

Here is how they describe it…

Virtually try on bridal gowns and experiment with wedding makeup and wedding hairstyles to create your unique look. Choose from editor-approved gowns, celebrity-inspired styles, and more. Share your favorite looks online and invite your bridesmaids to try it out too—you can style your entire bridal party right from your computer!

















Now it isn’t a replacement for the real thing, but it sure can give you a head start.

Why do I see a TON of wasted hours in everyone’s future?


  1. This is a great tool from, it’s perfect for brides that are not too comfortable buying a dress without trying it.

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