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Dedicated to the real insider information that no one else will tell you.

The Wedding Dish is all about today’s Real weddings from the good to the bad to the “What Planet Are They On.” Since 2005, the Wedding Dish has brought you the real need-to-know dish about weddings and the wedding industry. Written with the heart of a teacher and the wit of a gossip columnist, Christine Boulton has been bringing it to you like it really is.

Christine BoultonI have been involved in the wedding industry for over 20 years as both a writer and designer. I am pretty bent about the way wedding vendors are being portrayed by some of the new media. I am also pretty appalled by the three-ring circus that some weddings have become. Why is it that the only weddings you see in the major magazines carry a price tag of over $250K. On what planet is a quarter of a million dollar wedding sane??? Yes, I like pretty and unique as much as the next person but, uhh…reality.folks.”

With so much media hype surrounding weddings today, you need someone that is going to tell it like it really is. Christine is not a bride, or a wedding vendor (well any more), she is a writer with her finger in all aspects of the wedding industry. Her contacts range from major magazine publishers, the top gown designers at all price points, award winning photographers and videographers from around the world, to a host of the small independent creatives that plan your wedding, create you invitations, bake your cake and play your tunes. She makes it her job to work behind the scenes with as many different types of wedding professional as possible.   All so she can tell you the real story of what goes on to create your wedding.

Once a custom cake designer, Christine  worked with brides for nearly 20 years. Her widely read e-zine, Think Like A Bride is a must  among today’s wedding professional. Her unique insight into who today’s bride is and what she wants is dedicated to helping wedding vendors better connect and serve their clients. Her most recent venture is the Agency @Think. With a team of brilliant talent, the Agency is dedicated to giving wedding professionals the marketing tools they need to reach today’s bride.

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