Twinkle Toes! Foot Jewlery by Linzi Jay

I just spied this and Ooooo, I want it!

Linzi Jay will be intoducing these at The British Bridal Exhibition Harrogate next month. Can you think of anything prettier for a beach wedding?

foot jewlery for beach wedding

Something Blue for Your Wedding

Every bride wants that something blue for her wedding day; but why do something boring? Carrie Bradshaw had the right idea.

Now I admit up front that I am a shoe girl, Imelda Marcos in training if you must know. 😀 If you are like me and can rock heels with out it causing you too much effort, why not pick one of these lovelies? Besides, you can wear them after the wedding.What better excuse can you think of to buy a great pair of heels?

Something Blue

Then again, if rocking’ heels isn’t your thing for your wedding day there is always this little number. You will be wearing it after the big day too!

saphire ring


Pearls for Your Wedding

Pearls have long been a traditional accessory for a wedding look. That’s easy to understand; with their soft lustrous finish they add a certain understated glow.

Pearls today are not your Grandmom’s single little conservative strand. Why not go large, funky or outrageous?Pearl jewelry for your Wedding

clockwise from top left.

1. Haute Bride

2. Snippet & Ink

3. Nothing But Pearls

4. Haute Bride

5.& 6. Wedding Bee

Techies Wed!

Now even the geekiest (and I mean that in only the nicest way, since I am one after all) can declare their love for not only each other but also for the tech world they inhabit.Jacked—Cat 5 Compliant Wedding Set
From Seattle based designer , Jana Brevick and currently sold out on her site, comes the Jacked—Cat 5 Compliant Wedding Set.
“A wedding set for the unconventional! The female ring has a choice of four opaque colors: turquoise, white, orange or black. The male ring stands tall and dramatically transparent. The world is your technological oyster.”

I doubt that it will ever replace the diamond solitaire as the ring of choice, but these rings DO make a statement.

Wedding Jewelry Inspired by YOU!

Good friend of the Dish, Mandy Greenan is at it again. This time she is designing a line for her company Tigerlilly with YOU in mind.

Mandy is looking for 20 brides to inspire her; send her your story and your ideas and you may just be one of them. Ladies if you are at your wits end finding the right pieces to garnish your wedding day look, here is your chance to have one of the best custom design your dreams.

I find inspiration everywhere – in nature, music, fashion…
But one of the things I enjoy most and find most inspiring is working with you.
Brides have so much passion and excitement,
I just love to collaborate and come up with custom pieces that are the perfect
accent for you, your style, your day.

With that in mind, let me introduce the first season of the Inspired Collection,
a group of 20 designs that are created for 20 brides. Tell me about you, your
wedding, your gown, your style, your dream accessories, send me pictures,
and we’ll come up with your signature piece.

You’ll be part of our first ever Inspired collection – you help me design it,
name it, and even model it if you’d like!

We’re starting this collection with 20 designs, 20 brides. If you’d like
to be a part of it, please email me at!
We’re working with all budgets, and we’re looking for a wide
variety of designs, from simple to over the top statement pieces!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

So give Mandy a shout and tell her I said Hi.

Pretty Hair Jewlery

I received an email update from Lonni Tanksley to highlight these adorable new hair coils. Wouldn’t they look like tiny stars tucked into an updo? The coil design will see that they stay there no matter how much you dance the night away.

Lonni is an indie artist that with a shop on If you haven’t checked out her work you really need to give it a look. Her pieces are so light and airy that they make a perfect addition to not only your summer wedding look but for any time you want to add a little sparkle to your day.

Monogamy as a Marketing Campaign

I’m just not sure where I stand on this. Hearts on Fire which according to their press is the pre-eminent consumer brand in the luxury jewelry diamond business is using monogamy to help brand their product. I kind of had it in my head that was already associated with wedding rings, didn’t you?

Their new campaign “Monogamy100” is being released for print, radio and TV. You can view the ads on their new website. Here is just one little blurb I pulled out of it.

“As The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond®, a Hearts On Fire diamond is an enduring declaration of your commitment to a relationship that is deep, rich and meaningful. One that goes beyond conventional definitions. One that exceeds conventional expectations of love and monogamy. And one that deserves a diamond beyond conventional beauty.”

This quote makes me wonder if they are trying to convince me that if I get a better diamond I will get a better grade of monogamy. HUH?

I’m thinking emerald or sapphire at this point.

I’m In Love….

With my new necklace/tiara/headband!

You didn’t think that I could go to three different markets and not come home without buying a little something for myself did you??

This time I had to order the piece I wanted and yesterday it arrived. If you read Wedding Dish then you know that I just love the beautiful things that Mandy Grennan at Tigerlilly designs. This year I decided to treat myself to one of her pieces, the gorgeous 20 strand gold and Swarovski crystal piece above.

What I love about the tiaras from Tigerlilly is that they are convertible. Do you see that little chain at the back? It is detachable, transforming it from a tiara/headband to a lovely necklace that you can wear anywhere. I mean come on, you may love your tiara but just how often are you going to be able to wear it after your wedding? Some of the tiaras in the collection come with a chain and others have to be sent back to Mandy to be retrofitted most all are convertible. I say that is a win/win; stunning tiara for your wedding/lasting memory that you can wear for the rest of your life. Score!

Thanks Mandy.

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