Oh The Bling!

Now you didn’t think I would be able to cover Bridal Market without drooling over a bit of bling, now did you?

As more designers start to show gowns in their collections that are softer with less overall embellishment the jewelry will start to take on more importance. Consequently there was bling in abundance.

The crystal necklace in the center tile is from my good friend Susan Allen. The girls from Weddingish tell me that the way-too-adorable onsie will soon be available in a full range of larger sizes. It’s just so me! I can’t wait.

Here are the rest from left to right:

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Bridal Bling

Now you did not really think that I was going to be able to go to market and NOT check out a little bling did you? Especially not when there is Halo & Co to ohh over.

Once again I stood slack jawed gazing at all the shiny,sparkly pretties. As much as I love the tiaras and fascinator in the UK they just don’t seem to have a following in the states. As much as we love bling, we seem to draw the line at really amazing hair jewelry. That’s a shame. If you are going to do it…do it all the way!

The young lady modeling for me was just another shopper in love with Halo. She was trying to decide which one she wanted for her own wedding

The Halo & Company range is available through Kleinfeld in New York

When Bloggers Meet

Ran back to the mart yesterday to get some better pictures and met Heather the Fashion & Beauty editor from the Knot. What a sweetheart. Heather was perusing the goods at Erica Koesler’s booth gathering things for a feature on bridal hairstyles. I can’t wait to see it!

It turns out that Heather also blogs for the Knot. We had so much to talk about. As soon as I get a chance I’ll add Heathers blog to the blogroll.

Tiaras & Guestbooks

Just a couple of quick pics. The first one is the newest tiara from Tiger Lilly that I told you about yesterday, the one with the feathers.

The rest are some pretty things I found at Aalexis. I always follow Lisa’s thing as a guidepost to trends. The beaded lily isn’t new but as really taken off lately. In my book, that says something.

Bling Day at the National Bridal Market

National Bridal Market Fall 2007 Collection

Well I said I would be on the look out for the new and imaginative and boy did I ever find it! I was ohhing and ahhing over the latest gorgeous things at Tiger Lilly when I spied Zbra. Finally an answer to the age old dilemma of exposed bra straps: just replace them with pearls or jewels! This is the first season that the lovely Orit Eckstein has brought her line to market and I thought it was outstanding. Freshwater pearls in every color imaginable that hook on in place of your bra straps. They even come in a halter style and the hook in back is sterling silver. You can also have them custom made to m

atch your gown or your maid’s gown to use on strapless dresses. Cool. Why hasn’t someone thought of this before! My only concern is their comfort and wear-ability but never fear Orit has promised to send me a set to try and I will let you know.

Back to Tiger Lilly. As always her things are beautiful. Just like any true designer her favorite piece is the last one she designed: a fabulous little tiara with feathers reminiscent of the 1920’s. The newest collection is light and airy and of course, all the tiaras and be transformed into necklaces after the big day.

Another new jewelry designer with some beautiful pieces is Susan G. Allen. Lovely one of a kind pieces in wonderful colors using freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. Each of her pieces is one of a kind but she prefers to do custom work.

Bling for your Tootsies!

You may not know this but your Wedding Diva has a serious thing for shoes and today my head was spinning. First off to the Coloriffics booth to see their Sizzle collection, yummy! Silvers and golds and bronze with crystals and rhinestones and big chunky colors stones. Earle Kelly, national sales manager, told me that the Colorific line is available only through authorized bridal and social occasion boutiques. So if you need some bling for your tootsies,that is where you have to head.

Diane Lynn Lane was kind enough to show off the beautiful line she designs for Special Occasion by Saugus Shoes. All the sparkle comes from Swarovski and the soles are Italian sueaded leather so you won’t have to worry about slipping down the aisle. Diane also had the cutest collection of wedge heeled jeweled thong sandal in a rainbow of colors, Reflections. Perfect for your bridesmaids. On of my favorite shoes of Diane’s was a lace up back pump. It is dyable, the ribbon in back can be removed and replaced with say a heavy satin on long enough to be an ankle wrap. Tres sexy! And so versatile.

Today wasn’t just about bling. Weddingish had some of the cutest tanks and tees for everyone in the wedding party. Tiny little baby tees that say “In charge of petals” for your flower girl that comes in a cute little container with a sugar cookie that says “Will you be my flower girl?”

Last but not least, Girl Extra Ordinaire remembered everybody favorite, your puppy, in their collection. Ring bearer tee and collars for man’s best friend.
Courtney let me know that this collection is just launching today and isn’t even on their website yet. So be patient.

Well its back to the mart for me. Tomorrow I’ll have more on the gowns.

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