Win the Cutest Invitations!

I just ran across this and had to share.

Take it Personally is launching a new line called Hugs and Kisses and you can win a set of 50 Save the Dates and 50 flat invitations.Hugs and Kisses Save the Date

To win you have to register by midnight January 19th on the Fan Page

Custom Cartoon Invitation

Once you register, hop over to Christine’s website to check out the rest of her too cute for words personalized invitations and stationery.

I absolutely love her custom cartoon invitations.

Guest Book Ideas

Face it, guest books are boring.

I ran across this very fun idea today that you might like.

This one was done by having the guests put their fingerprint on the tree and then add thier name. It kind of oooges me out to think of my guests having to be fingerprinted for my wedding.


Here is another idea that I think I like better. Get a line drawing or painting of a tree with out leaves


Then get either die cut leaves from some where like Paper Source , Hobby Lobby or Micheals or get a paper punch and make your own and have your guests sign them.


You could get some pretty baskets or glass bowls to fill with leaves and a pen and use them as parts of your centerpieces. Put another on with the tree picture and a small sign explaining the idea.

Once the wedding is over, put the leaves on your tree. Frame it and you have a piece of art to treasure for ever.

Or you could just have a boring book you won’t ever look at again.

This Guest Book Alternative is Just a Little Dirty!

You know I love alternative guest books, right? Well check out this one!Casual Guest book alternative

Created by Mèlangerie in New York, these adorable little cards shaped like pieces of clothing were hung on a clothes line with tiny clothes pins. A detergent bottle was inscribed with a note encouraging guests to tell funny stories about the couple. Mèlangerie later compiled the couples ‘dirty laundry’ into a book as a keepsake for the couple.

If you are having a casual outdoor wedding, I think this would be too fun. Not to mention you could probably DIY it.

Another Clever Guestbook Idea

I am always on the hunt for something besides the boring plain guest book that gets packed away in a closet never to be seen again. This may be the coolest one yet!

Calligraphy Wedding Certificate/Guest Book

I have long been a fan of really fine calligraphy and especially illuminations.

This marriage certificate is truly a work of art. All of the certificates are hand made and custom designed to your individual specifications. Size depends on the amount of copy and the number of guests. You can choose between multiple paper types, choose from their borders or have them create one specifically for you.

Illumination by Toucan CalligraphyI have long been a fan of really fine calligraphy and especially illuminations. In the true style of illumination you can have 24kt gold accents added.

Having discovered these I just can’t imagine not having one done if I ever take the plunge again. Check them out at Toucan Calligraphy.

Word of warning. This isn’t a last minute thing; allow a minimum of two months.

Tiaras & Guestbooks

Just a couple of quick pics. The first one is the newest tiara from Tiger Lilly that I told you about yesterday, the one with the feathers.

The rest are some pretty things I found at Aalexis. I always follow Lisa’s thing as a guidepost to trends. The beaded lily isn’t new but as really taken off lately. In my book, that says something.

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