Fun Feathers for Your Wedding

You know I love ‘different’. Why do the same old thing when there are so many wonderful ways to make your wedding as unique as you are?  Feathers are one fun way to do that.

You can put them in your bouquet.

Wedding Bouquets with Feathers{source}

Brown Blue & Bronze Bouquet{source}

I loved these because the are full of color but it is softer and more subdued than the colors we have been seeing over the last few years.

Not into subtle? How about red with a pop?Blue feathers with red roses wedding bouquet{source}

From your head…

Feather fascinator with red flowers and feathers{source}

…down to your toes!

abby miller shoes in red with feathers and flowers{source}

By all means, we can not forget the boys, don’t they deserve a little fun too?Masculine Boutonieer with Feathers and Eucalyptus{source}



Escort Cards That Aren’t Boring

Why are escort card usually so boring? You know, a table with a sea of white cards with maybe a floral arangemnet in the middle or a few votive candles. Yuck!

How about doing something fun instead of just a card?

Like this for the sparkly bride…Escort cards with hanging crystals


or this for the eco-minded couple..Potted herb escort cards


This is my favorite idea but I guess I am the only one since I couldn’t find a single image using this idea. Ok, here we go…

Take this idea as a jumping offChampagne splits{source}

marry it to the idea of having tasty beverages for your guests at the ceremony…

add a Martha Stewart DIY butterfly straw with your escort card detail and…Pink Grapefruit soda

butterfly straws{source}

Voila! a refreshing fun idea for an escort card!

Stamp out boring where ever possible!


Pomander Bridal Bouquets with a Twist

I love pomander bouquets, but face it, some of them can be pretty boring. Well I found a bunch that have a twist.


Great as a centerpiece for a fall wedding

Great as a centerpiece for a fall wedding


Perfect for a casual wedding in the woods

Perfect for a casual wedding in the woods


Modern bouquet with a touch of Whimsy

Modern bouquet with a touch of Whimsy


Beaded accents add a light, airy feel

Beaded accents add a light, airy feel


So much prettier than the standard carnation balls

So much prettier than the standard carnation balls


Tassels make all the difference here

Tassels make all the difference here


This one would be an easy DIY

This one would be an easy DIY


I love the hanging orchids on the ribbons

I love the hanging orchids on the ribbons


How's this for fun?

How's this for fun?


Save On Your Centerpiece and Eat It Too!

You want beautiful centerpieces for your tables. You want a yummy cake for dessert. You need to save as much as possible to make this whole wedding thingy happen. What is a girl to do?

How about centerpiece cakes?wedding-cake-centerpieces{source}

Back in my previous life as a cake designer I would do some very elaborate centerpiece cakes that cost mucho dinero but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you do a standard size cake from a good bakery and either add simple decorating or fresh flowers or fruit you can save a bundle.Centerpice Wedding Cake{source}

Think about it, a nice little 8′ or 9″ cake will generously(compared to standard wedding size servings) serve the 6 t0 10 guests at each table. Depending on what you choose and where you buy them, you will pay from $10 to $30 each, add $5 to $10 worth of flowers or fruit. So, on the high side you are looking at $40 per table.

Let’s look at an average wedding of 120 people. Six people at a table=20 tables.

Floral centerpieces with traditional wedding cake:

20 centerpieces @ $65 each=$1300

Wedding cake for 120 @$4.50 per person=$540

Total spend=$1840

Centerpiece cakes with DIY decorating:

20 tables @$40 each=$800

Let’s see, that looks like a savings of $1040.

Maybe you use a hundred of that for a bigger cake for the head table and you are still saving a bundle.

You can do this.Centerpiec cake with gerber daisies{source}


Look around for your cakes at traditional bakeries and upscale grocery stores or even Costco.

Use flowers or fruits that are in season. If you use fresh flowers put a doily on top of your cake to protect it from contaminants in the flowers.

Put it on a cake stand. Treat it with honor and make it LOOK like a centerpiece.

Great Wedding Venues Outside the Box

There aren’t many good things you can say about our current economic times but we all know that every cloud has a silver lining. Well I found this one:VENUES.

If you are still looking for you venue your should look outside of the traditional box of hotels and country club. Every week I hear about some new venue opening up, mostly as a result of a recession based FAIL.

This example just made it’s debut last week as an event venue.Spaces in Belle Meade. In it’s original state it was a high end mini mall sort of affair; a few walls were taken down and the space opened up a bit and now it absolutely rocks as an event space.



Keep you eyes open for unique new spaces in you area.

Here is the 411 on the event and venue above.

Many thanks to Anne Clayton at Music City Tents & Events for a fab party. (AS ALWAYS)

Shabby Chic. Yep, It’s Officially a Wedding Trend

I have been kind of tracking this for a while. I started mostly because a dear friend of the Dish, Vicki Sanders at Branching Out Event Design has a knock your socks off collection of containers that fit but also because I love the softness of the look.
I had thought I was seeing it pop up more often in recent months but today I had confirmation that it is or will soon be the hottest of hot.

Confirmation you ask? What confirmation? Well the images below were all taken from two of the hottest wedding blogs, Style Me Pretty and photographer Jasmine Star’s Blog.  The first two collages were taken at a photography workshop hosted by the fabulous photographer, Jessica Claire. Need I say more?  Enjoy!

Shabby Chic Wedding

Source: Style Me Pretty

Images from: Allisa Ferullo

Taken at : Jessica Claire Photography WorkshopShabby Chic Decor Collage

Source: Style Me Pretty

Images from: Kari Sikorski

Taken at : Jessica Claire Photography Workshop

Shabby Chic Wedding Decor Details

Images by : Jasmine Star

Shabby Chic Table Decor

Images by: Jasmine Star

How To Save On Your Winter Wedding Décor

If you are planning a winter wedding, now is the time to be stocking up.Winter Wedding Cake If you are going to DIY your décor for your winter wedding stop thinking wedding and start thinking Christmas! Head to Home Depot or the local WalMart.

Beyond the obvious twinkle lights, look at all that yummy garland and those cheap wreaths. Green, you say? Not for long I say!  A few aisles over is white spray paint, grab that. On your way home hit the craft store for white or iridescent glitter. Paint lightly, sprinkle with glitter while wet and !Voila! snow covered evergreens. Now I bet you wished you had stocked up on the paint and glitter to work your magic on the naked branches you can just cut from your yard. Plop those in a heavy vase, add a few crystal and you have a centerpiece.winter wedding decor

While you are at the big box store, look for mulit-packs of ornaments in white and silver to tuck into the greens. Last year HD had sets of 50 assorted ornaments in white & silver for under $30. Two of those will go a long way.

Don’t forget the fake snow. Buy bunches!biosnow1year

Check the dollar store for plastic snowflakes; again buy bunches. They are something like 4 for $1 for the small ones. This one is from Home Depot and is 12″ across so it is a bit pricier, but hey, you could still get a couple to hang from the ceiling.snowflake

Don’t forget the candles. You are in luck, white is usually available in bulk.

While we are on the topic of saving serious money on your winter wedding décor, here is one you may never have thought of: baby’s breath.

Baby’s breath is unbelieveable cheap. That is why so many low price florists use it as filler. But here is the deal: used in over the top abundance, by itself it can be pretty cool. Think of it as clouds of snow! Check out these two pictures.babysbreath
winter wedding centerpiece using baby's breath

All you really need to round out your look are the odd pieces of clear glass and silver. Beg, borrow,rent or thrift shop those and you are on your way.

Winter weddings really are the easiest to DIY. I did the cake for one on new Year’s Day a few years back. The family worked with their church to get permission too use the Christmas decorations in the parish hall. The day before, they pulled every bit of red out of the room decor, took all the fresh evergreens outside and flocked them white, replaced all the red with ice blue and it was DROP DEAD gorgeous! It looked like a winter fairy land.

You can do this. Just think outside the wedding box.

Click thru images to view source.

Cool Lighting for Your Wedding Centerpieces

Lookie what I found! Are these not the coolest?

Branches with battery operated lights with silk blossoms to add lights to your flower arrangements.

 Organic Wedding Centerpiece with lighted branches

Lighted Branches for centerpiecesCenterpiece with lighted branches and butterflyI was at a networking meeting last night and ran across these. I have never seen them before and the ideas just started popping. The lights are attached to a battery pack and have a burn life of 36 hours. As you can see from this image they come in an amazing variety of colors.Lighted branches for flower arrangements in a variety of colors

Now usually I am not a fan of silk flowers, but these, wow! I can see how the addition of a one or two in a large arrangement would make quite a statement. What with the growing popularity of branches in wedding arrangements I think these would be a great choice. I also understand that you can break down the branches to make them small for low or smaller arrangements. What can I say, I am smitten. I wish I could show them too you in person.

Bella Aeris is a local Nashville company that is having them manufactured so I doubt you are going to find these everywhere. You can order from their website and they are available retail or wholesale to the trades. You can find them here. Be sure to check out their Flickr galleries. If you are in the Nashville area, they have a shop in the Mall at Greenhills.  I’m thinking field trip!

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