Hiring a Wedding Consultant

Did you know that 50% of all weddings are planned from out of town? With our mobile society more and more brides are having to resort to long-distance planning. This is the where hiring a wedding consultant really comes in handy. But how do you pick one, especially if you are doing it long distance?

One of the big problems is that every day some noob hangs a shingle. You know, she planned her own wedding and now thinks she is a pro. WRONG But how can you tell from a website? You can’t. Your best bet is to get referrals. Do a little research on venues in the area that might fit your style and call them. Pick their brain a little and see who they refer. Also, go to the local forums for your target area and ask the other brides. Sort your master list down to three or four and check their website. Look at how long they have been planning weddings and how long they have been in the area. If all the pictures on their site look like they are from the same event cross them off your list. Remember, you are looking for someone that really knows the players in this market. The longer your consultant has been in the market the more leverage they have. They also have a reputation to protect. Both of these things work in your favor. You are from out of town, they aren’t. The local vendors know them and don’t want to lose their business.

Call your top three choices and see if your personality and vision are a fit. Ask them to send you pictures of several weddings they have done and testimonials. Everyone worth their salt in the wedding industry has a file full of thank you letters from happy brides. Are they someone you can trust to look after your interests while you keep tabs from afar?

Once you settle on a pro to handle your wedding, step back and let them do their job.

If they send you to specific vendors, there is a reason. They trust them, work well with them and feel they can best fit your vision and budget. Trust your consultant to do the job for which you hired them. A good consultant has a huge roster of vendors they use. It is their job to find the ones that are the best match for you. More than anything else, you are hiring an advocate.

Investing the time in finding the right wedding planner for you can save you more than money. It will save you many headaches!

Wedding Flowers

Every article on wedding flowers says that if you want to save money on your florals to choose flowers that are in season. Great, but I have no idea what’s in season when. They never give you that information in the photo layouts. Just gorgeous pictures of pretty flowers.
Well, here is all the dirt that’s fit to dish gathered in one place.

Bliss! offers a great interactive tool where you can enter the color or season or even the region you want and it will give you a list of flowers that fit that criteria. Cool.

All Wedding Ideas has a simple listing of flowers by season. It’s a good list if you see something you like and just need to know if it in season. The flashing banner ad at the top is pretty annoying, but hey, just scroll it away.

Here is a list from a redecorating website. If you search the site you will also find some fun decorating tips that can translate to wedding decor. This site reminds you to also think about seasonal fruits and vegetables to use in your decorating. Great color and shape, cheap price tag! Yeah!
A good tip is to look outside the wedding industry for some fun and unique ideas.

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