Real Brides Come in All Sizes

I just read a blog post that kind of ticked me off. It had to do with Plus Size Bridal.
It said that wedding gown manufacturers are creating sample gowns in sizes 14 and larger, so you can actually get a good sense of how you’d look headed down the aisle.

Well here is the dirty little truth. Salons can order their sample in whatever size they want. They buy those samples you see in the salons at the same price they do when they order your gown. Most shops buy only one size and hope that works.

Not any more. Every single shop that has contacted me to do marketing work for them in the last year has said that they want to put more emphasis of their “Plus Size Collections.” Hurrah!!

It is a fact that outside of the New York fashion and publishing bubble and LA, very few women in American have the bodies of heroin addicted waifs. We are real women and we are built like real women. The wonderful news is that more and more salons are getting hip to the fact that brides want to try on gowns, not just hold them up in front of them; and they are ordering accordingly. Even better, is that they aren’t ordering gowns “designed for the plus size bride” they are ordering the same gowns that they order in an 8 in an 18. I mean, just because you are built like a real woman doesn’t mean you want to dress like a dowdy matron.

The point is, the salons are hearing you and they are moving in the right direction. I recommend that you call around to the salons in your area and find out how deep their samples go in this size range. Find a salon that gets it. They are going to have the expertise to help you find the perfect gown to flatter your body type; no matter what it is.

While we are on the topic of Plus Size; why on earth do they call it that?

 Strapless Plus Size Bridal Gown with Pick ups

First off, the sizing on wedding gowns is ridiculous to begin with, most women are looking at ordering a size about 3 to 4 numbers higher than their normal street size. Double that if the have any boobs AT ALL. Why is that? It’s because most designers, especially couture, design for their models. Have you seen their models? Please God, someone feed these children. Where is Sally Struthers when you really need her?

Second, over the last fifty years, the sizing on street clothes has been gradually increasing. Hey, it’s a marketing move. If you find that in a particular line you routinely wear a size smaller you are going to love that line, right? Right! The problem is bridal has steadfastly refused to keep up.

You add those two up and what you end up with is a woman that wears a street 10 (Average in America) with a bit of a bust (You do realize that Breast Augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in America) that is buying a size 18 – 20 gown in order to fit all her parts in it. WTF???

Of course they also charge you more for a “Plus-Size.” That you can blame on the manufacturers and the factories, not the salons.

Denim Wedding Dress

And now for something completely different.
Denim Wedding Gown

Denim Wedding Gown

I ran across a site called Sat’n Spurs. Yep, most of it was just as, ummm interesting, as that name would lead you to believe. I did find this Denim wedding dress that was pretty unique. For the right bride in the right location, I think it could work. What are your thoughts? Yes, no, maybe??

Wearing Fur at Your Wedding

Maybe I’m just cold this morning…

There is something wonderful about white fur and wedding gowns. If you are planning a winter wedding why not add a bit of “snugglie” to your day. Can’t you just picture a snowy night, warm sparkling candle light and a warm white fur stole draped effortlessly around you shoulders?

Fabulous Fur Wedding Looks

Fabulous Fur Wedding Looks

Techies Wed!

Now even the geekiest (and I mean that in only the nicest way, since I am one after all) can declare their love for not only each other but also for the tech world they inhabit.Jacked—Cat 5 Compliant Wedding Set
From Seattle based designer , Jana Brevick and currently sold out on her site, comes the Jacked—Cat 5 Compliant Wedding Set.
“A wedding set for the unconventional! The female ring has a choice of four opaque colors: turquoise, white, orange or black. The male ring stands tall and dramatically transparent. The world is your technological oyster.”

I doubt that it will ever replace the diamond solitaire as the ring of choice, but these rings DO make a statement.

Tigerlilly Give Away

If you haven’t entered to win the fabulous tiara/necklace from TigerlillyTigerlilly Tiara yet your time is running out!

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Blog Warming Party with Swag!

I have so much to celebrate here at the Dish! As you can see I have a shiny new home on the web. That’s only fitting since my subscriber base has broken 100 and kept on going. My readers are the best! Thank you all. Swag alert! Keep reading.

I hope you like the new digs. It’s a lot like the old home but just so much better. It’s easier for you to navigate and read and tons more functional on my end. Thanks to my partner Marc over at The Agency @ Think for all his hard work.

That’s one more thing I am thankful for. Launched in January, The Agency @ Think is the marketing arm of Think Like A Bride. In only seven months we have a nice little roster of clients developing and it’s keeping us all busy. So for all you industry professional types that are regular followers of the Dish be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

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Thanks everyone for reading. I’ll see you tomorrow for Flower Friday.

A Simply Elegant Mermaid Gown

I love this dress!

Simple elegant wedding gown

I promised that once I got a good image I would post it. This lovely mermaid gown from the upcoming Spring 2009 collection from 2Be Bride is done in champagne silk satin. If you are familiar with the 2Be lines then you already know that it isn’t going to be anywhere near as expensive as it looks. This gown is in the Gavin Michaels Collection. The entire collection debuts to the public at Harrogate in September and this is just a sample of how outstanding the entire collection is. As soon as it hits their website I’ll tip you off.

2Be Bridal Spring 2009 Collection

I was invited this week to view the Spring 2009 collection from 2Be Bridal and all I can say is WOW! This is a line that has absolutely transformed since Terri Hilferty took over as the designer a little less than 3 years ago. Full of beautiful fabrics like silk satin and point de spree, gorgeous beading and amazing pleats, the line is one of the most diverse you will find.

2Be is a private line available in less than a hundred salons in the US and poised to launch in the UK with this collection. One of the things about a private line is that Terri is able to stay in close communication with her stockists and get feed back on what today’s brides are looking for but not finding.

I asked Hilferty what inspired her and she said versatility and romance. When she says versatility what she is talking about is that she finds out what today’s brides are asking her salons for and uses that as her jumping off point. So truly, Terri Hilferty has designed the 2Be line for the modern American woman. Terri believes that every bride can be cover girl beautiful in the right gown.

With today’s woman in mind, the collection is in the moderate price range and all of the gowns are available in sizes from 2 to 22, with a large part of the collection available in woman’s sizes up to 28W.

I’ll have more on the collection in the days to come, including the Nathan Taylor line of Social Occasion and Bridesmaids dresses.

Oh and yes I know my pictures leave a lot to be desired, I’ll have the studio shots for you later this month. The fashion shoot was only last week.

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