Escort Cards That Aren’t Boring

Why are escort card usually so boring? You know, a table with a sea of white cards with maybe a floral arangemnet in the middle or a few votive candles. Yuck!

How about doing something fun instead of just a card?

Like this for the sparkly bride…Escort cards with hanging crystals


or this for the eco-minded couple..Potted herb escort cards


This is my favorite idea but I guess I am the only one since I couldn’t find a single image using this idea. Ok, here we go…

Take this idea as a jumping offChampagne splits{source}

marry it to the idea of having tasty beverages for your guests at the ceremony…

add a Martha Stewart DIY butterfly straw with your escort card detail and…Pink Grapefruit soda

butterfly straws{source}

Voila! a refreshing fun idea for an escort card!

Stamp out boring where ever possible!


Custom Invitations by My Personal Artist

Meet the Creatives
So many of the people I know in the wedding industry are here because it is the outlet for their creativity. I thought it would be fun to start showcasing some of this amazing talent that surrounds us.

Michelle Miller Mospens

If you are a lover of beautiful watercolor art you are going to love the personalized invitations from Michelle’s company My Personal Artist.
It is a known fact that I am both an art lover and a paper fanatic, for me, that all comes together in Michelle’s incredible work.  Michelle hand paints these beautiful invitation with either her designs or ones she has created just for you. I can’t think of a more beautiful way to invite your guests than by sending them a piece of custom created art.
Even if you are a DIY bride, you can order Michelle’s beautiful work as the base to print your own invitations on.
You can check it all out here at Michelle’s site  My Personal ArtistMyPersonalArtistPhoto

1.Where do you find your inspiration, I mean besides client requests?
My eyes. No matter what I see (a dress, a plant, a color, etc.) I create an invitation motif in my mind immediately. It never leaves me. I’ve been designing invitations and stationery for 11 years it is second nature to me.

2. What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I love making my clients happy with my artwork and designs. Many clients are deeply connected with the theme of my artwork.

3. I ran a recent discussion about what wedding professionals wish brides know about what they did. In that vein, what one misconception would you clear up if you could?
I would say KEEP IT SIMPLE. Most questions I have they look too deeply into it. I guess they think it is more difficult than it actually is. For instance, “do-it-yourself invitations you print at home”. Super easy and saves money. Most brides I talk to don’t realize you simply pop my “art print” cards in your printer and print your wording directly on them. Super simple.

4. Yes I really do love your art. Do you have a fine art collection? If so, where can we see it/love/ buy it??
Thank you for your kind words. I’ve been asked that question more than I can count the past 11 years. As of today ONLY ONE couple in Texas owns 1 of my paintings. I recently bought several large canvases and paints. I’m ready. Where to sell? I’m thinking I do have reserved to showcase my paintings in the future! Time will tell!
Keep us posted Michelle. I would love some of your work for my walls!

Escort Cards

Escort cards are a necessary evil if you are having a sit down dinner or brunch reception. How boring is it to just set them out on a table. They take up an absurd amount of space that is left empty as soon as the seating begins leaving you with a big ‘design hole’ in your beautifully laid out décor. ~Sigh~


Instead, why not have a bit of fun with them and use them as a major design element.Birch Log Escort Cards  Michelle Rago

Michelle Rago

Beach theme Escort Cards  Gray PhotographyGray Photography, Courtesy of

Michelle Rago Seashell escort cardsMichelle Rago, from her blog

Bluebird Escort Cards

Courtesy, Snippets & Ink

Chalkboard Seating Chart

An industry insider aside…

If you are having escort cards, please have them arranged alphabetically for your planner. I have seen way too many planners get them on the day of the wedding in a great jumbled lump. They then have to take at least an hour at the last minute to sort them all out; taking valuable time away from getting the rest of your reception details in perfect place. At the very least, if you must, get them to your planner well in advance so they can get them sorted out before the last minute. I’m talking like a week here folks; if you think you are busy the week before your wedding just imagine how busy they are. Or you could forget the whole thing and just make a seating chart!

Just sayin’…

Courtesy, Snippets & Ink>>>>>

Escort Card Alternatives

Sometimes I get tired of seeing the same old set-up for escort cards: lovely cards surrounding elaborate floral centerpiece. Why not do something a little different with either the display or the ‘card’ itself.

The first three are cards but displayed in an interesting way.

The next three are unique items used as escort cards and the last three are full on favors. I just think that idea is wicked cool.

All of them are very DIYable. OK, so maybe not that last one is a little trickier than the rest. I promise you it is doable, I did about 100 for a bride once. They were time consuming and tedious, but doable none the less.

More DIY Flower Ideas

It’s Flower Friday.

The most often used search term that finds Wedding Dish is either ‘Centerpiece’ or ‘DIY Centerpiece’

I just happened to run across a video today on video jug on flower arranging so I thought I would see what else I could find.

First up- how about the 411 on how to grow those cool wheat grass centerpieces. You can get flower tubes at a floral supply store. Fill them with water, pop in a flower and stick the tube into your pretty little miniature lawn. It is also a great way to display escort cards; just stick them into the grass.Fun!

Then here is an unbelievably easy centerpiece that goes way beyond rose petals and a floating candle. If you look at it is exactly how we made the centerpieces for the Gala at The Special Event in January.

Last but not least, here is the how to on the boutonnieres for the men in the party. The technique is valid for nearly any combination of flowers, berries and greenery. Remember to choose flowers on the smallish side; no guy wants a full blown peony on his lapel!

Goodies from Around the Blogosphere

I have been completely swamped for the last week and just today have gotten a chance to catch up on my blog reading. As usual I found some wonderful things to show you. So let’s get to it.

First up flowers:

Kristin Newman Designs Not a blog but still a worthy stop as you surf for ideas for your wedding décor. Kirstin is an event coordinator in Charleston, South Carolina. Her website has enough photos to keep you delighted and inspired for hours.

Michelle Rago Ltd Michelle is an event designer and florist on West 28th, in New York. I was lucky enough to find her blog thanks to a couple of the blogs in my reader (see the list at the right). Sorry that I don’t remember which one, like I said last week was crazy. If whoever originally posted about Michelle would leave their link in the comments I would be grateful. Thanks to Michelle for all the inspiration. That is her creation an the left. Very cool.

Oh Happy Day! Wants you to bring the love back for carnations.

On to DIY

Abby Larson’s blog, Style Me Pretty always comes up with marvelous ideas for DIY. You may remember a while back she held a contest to submit your DIY. You can see the entries here. This week she is showcasing some DIY design idea from Matthew Mead. Here, here and here.


Oh Happy Blog some great ideas for a chic modern wedding inspired by all things Ikea.

Finally, Liene is running a quick two question survey on her blog, Blue Orchid Designs. Take a moment and show a fellow blogger the love. Besides, I am dying to see the results

Laser Cut Stationery

A while back I stumbled on the amazing cupcake wrappers at Paper Orchid Stationery and I finally had time to explore some of their other products. LOVE THEM!

Paper Orchid is the leading pioneer in laser cut technology. Now they are pairing with the wildly talented Kat Beilfuss of KatBlu Art & Design Studio to create a new line of couture wedding and special occasion papers. The combined efforts of Kat’s mad design skills and Paper Orchids tech has created something very new and exciting.

In addition to the cupcake wrappers, Paper Orchid carries a complete line of imprintable invitation suites and some very cool filigree favor boxes.

WOW Invitations

Are you bored to death by most of the invitations you are seeing? Can’t find anything that is YOU? I may have the answer.

I found the coolest line of invitations called Paper Fetish. Johanna Nunez has created 24 complete collections, each unique, each fabulous, each including every item you would need for your paper wardrobe. Better still is there is no minimum order or quantity increments. So if you need 35 you can get 35, perfect for the small intimate wedding or destination event.

These are as close to bespoke invitations as you can get without having to go to that trouble or expense. They are only available ‘to the trade’ as the saying goes so you will have to order them through you wedding coordinator. If they are not already a distributor, by all means turn them on to it.

Plus , kudo on as gorgeous website.

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