Spring Green Wedding Cakes

Maybe it is because the leaves are starting to burst forth outside the treehouse window , but today I was just feelin’ green cakes. Here are a few of the prettiest I found. Enjoy!

Green Wedding Cakes For Spring1.The caning detail is what makes this cake. Be sure you choose a really great sugar artist for this one; getting that kind of precision piping is harder than it looks. {source}

2. Whimsical polka dots for the fun couple. I would have liked to see a different topper, but then I am picky about cakes. {source}

3. Spring Green hexagon cake with delicate sugar flowers. I love how the flowers get lighter as they go up. It helps the ‘weight ‘ the cake and gives it an hombre effect. {source}

4.Pale green stripes in a variety of hues keep this look light and airy. The sugar orchids are exquisite. Cake by Cheryl Kleinman {source}

5.This casual, fun cake brings in the lushness of chocolate to complete the look. The sides are Piroette cookies. Cake by my personal hero, Rose Levy Birnbaum.  {source}


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