I’m In Love….

With my new necklace/tiara/headband!

You didn’t think that I could go to three different markets and not come home without buying a little something for myself did you??

This time I had to order the piece I wanted and yesterday it arrived. If you read Wedding Dish then you know that I just love the beautiful things that Mandy Grennan at Tigerlilly designs. This year I decided to treat myself to one of her pieces, the gorgeous 20 strand gold and Swarovski crystal piece above.

What I love about the tiaras from Tigerlilly is that they are convertible. Do you see that little chain at the back? It is detachable, transforming it from a tiara/headband to a lovely necklace that you can wear anywhere. I mean come on, you may love your tiara but just how often are you going to be able to wear it after your wedding? Some of the tiaras in the collection come with a chain and others have to be sent back to Mandy to be retrofitted most all are convertible. I say that is a win/win; stunning tiara for your wedding/lasting memory that you can wear for the rest of your life. Score!

Thanks Mandy.

Market Wrap-up From Head to Toe

These are the last of my pictures from the National Bridal Market Chicago. The mosaic below showcases the crowing glory of wedding regalia for either the bride or her guests.

The lovely lady in the center image is Jolene Picone, designer for Veil Trends out of Denver. As is my warped habit, I asked Jolene to model her favorite piece out of her collection. Although I am not sure it shows up well in the image, the veil she is wearing is called Neapolitan, the three layers are pink, white and light brown; how very fun.

Also showcased are Mandy Greenan designer for Tiger Lilly in the white veiled fascinator and Brenda Waites Bolling in the stunning pink hat. Oh how I wish hats were in fashion for wedding guests in the states. The beautiful jeweled combs are courtesy of Erica Koesler. The feather fascinators on the black velvet pillows are from Sara Gabriel and the tree display of feather fascinator in the third position are from Veil trends.

There were lots of gorgeous shoes to be seen but these two are the ones worth talking about. From Saugus Shoes the platforms on these are made out of memory foam.

Nothing can compare to a shoe this sexy AND comfy. WooHoo. These are shown in white silk but also come in black or can be dyed to match your look.

Oh The Bling!

Now you didn’t think I would be able to cover Bridal Market without drooling over a bit of bling, now did you?

As more designers start to show gowns in their collections that are softer with less overall embellishment the jewelry will start to take on more importance. Consequently there was bling in abundance.

The crystal necklace in the center tile is from my good friend Susan Allen. The girls from Weddingish tell me that the way-too-adorable onsie will soon be available in a full range of larger sizes. It’s just so me! I can’t wait.

Here are the rest from left to right:

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Bridal Bling

Now you did not really think that I was going to be able to go to market and NOT check out a little bling did you? Especially not when there is Halo & Co to ohh over.

Once again I stood slack jawed gazing at all the shiny,sparkly pretties. As much as I love the tiaras and fascinator in the UK they just don’t seem to have a following in the states. As much as we love bling, we seem to draw the line at really amazing hair jewelry. That’s a shame. If you are going to do it…do it all the way!

The young lady modeling for me was just another shopper in love with Halo. She was trying to decide which one she wanted for her own wedding

The Halo & Company range is available through Kleinfeld in New York

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