Indian Influenced Weddings

One of the best parts of designing websites for wedding professionals is all the gorgoeus images I get to see. Lately I have found myself immersed in the culture of South Asain Weddings.

One of my photographers has one on her front page, a planner friend just completed a huge one this fall, a floral designer friend and client has one coming up in the spring. Plus I just finished a site for the grand master of the style, Anais Events.

While a full on Asian wedding may not be in the cards for everyone, they are certainly a place to find some fabulous touches to inspire your own wedding.

Please enjoy these bright,bold bursts of color in the cold, gray month of January. All images courtesy of the lovely and talented Amrit Dhillion-Bains,  Anais Event Design.

Anais post Indian Influenced Weddings

Anais post1 Indian Influenced Weddings

Fun Feathers for Your Wedding

You know I love ‘different’. Why do the same old thing when there are so many wonderful ways to make your wedding as unique as you are?  Feathers are one fun way to do that.

You can put them in your bouquet.

gold green wedding flower Fun Feathers for Your Wedding{source}

Brown Blue Bronze Bouquet 1024x768 Fun Feathers for Your Wedding{source}

I loved these because the are full of color but it is softer and more subdued than the colors we have been seeing over the last few years.

Not into subtle? How about red with a pop?Blue feathers with red 680x1024 Fun Feathers for Your Wedding{source}

From your head…

redflowerfeathers Fun Feathers for Your Wedding{source}

…down to your toes!

abby miller shoes final Fun Feathers for Your Wedding{source}

By all means, we can not forget the boys, don’t they deserve a little fun too?phesant bout with seeded Euc Fun Feathers for Your Wedding{source}

peacock bout Fun Feathers for Your Wedding{source}

the agency blogdoc Fun Feathers for Your Wedding

Pomander Bridal Bouquets with a Twist

I love pomander bouquets, but face it, some of them can be pretty boring. Well I found a bunch that have a twist.


branch cage pomander Pomander Bridal Bouquets with a Twist

Great as a centerpiece for a fall wedding


Woodaie casual pomander Pomander Bridal Bouquets with a Twist

Perfect for a casual wedding in the woods


pomander bouquet with wire accents Pomander Bridal Bouquets with a Twist

Modern bouquet with a touch of Whimsy


pomander with beaded accents Pomander Bridal Bouquets with a Twist

Beaded accents add a light, airy feel


gerber daisy pommander Pomander Bridal Bouquets with a Twist

So much prettier than the standard carnation balls


red pomander with tassels Pomander Bridal Bouquets with a Twist

Tassels make all the difference here


green mums with pearls Pomander Bridal Bouquets with a Twist

This one would be an easy DIY


Pink Purple Bridal Pomander Pomander Bridal Bouquets with a Twist

I love the hanging orchids on the ribbons


pomander aisle style Pomander Bridal Bouquets with a Twist

How's this for fun?


Why Can’t I Get Lobster for the Price of Cheeseburgers?

I mean they take up the same amount of space on the plate??

That is just about as ridiculous of a statement as the one I heard today from a wedding planner. She was talking to a good friend of the Dish about how expensive her bride’s bouquet was going to be.
Yes, this bouquet was a bit pricier than most, BUT, that had to do entirely with the flowers the bride insisted on using.lady 300x255 Why Can’t I Get Lobster for the Price of Cheeseburgers?
Two of the most expensive flowers you can use are Lady Slipper Orchids and mini Calla Lilies. The bride wanted both, with the callas in two different colors. Two different colors means two entire bunches no matter how few you are actually using in the bouquet. ~sigh~

As wedding professionals, we are running a business. Our intention above and beyond making our clients outrageously happy  and their day all they have dreamed of is to make a profit while doing so. That is why we are in business. If we don’t do that, we won’t have the opportunity to make clients happy for long.
As a bride, there is nothing, and I do mean nothing; no product or service, that you cannot have. With one little caveat: you have to pay for it.

Do you want your florist to store, transport and arrange the hundreds of votive candles you bought online instead of from them? No problem, Purple Mini Calla Lilies Purple 250 Why Can’t I Get Lobster for the Price of Cheeseburgers?as long as you compensate them for their time.

Do you want the calligrapher you hired to address the invitations you bought online to also fold them and stuff the envelopes? Same thing, expect to compensate them.

Do you want your caterer to cork and pour the cases of Two Buck Chuck you picked up at Trader Joes? Same thing.

Have to have coral peonies for your arrangements? Great but they won’t be in season for 3 weeks. How does $6 a stem grab you?

My point is two fold. First and foremost, work with your wedding vendors to find compromises that work with both your budget and desired outcome. For instance, with today’s bride’s bouquet she switched to a different orchid, one color of callas and replaced the other with cream roses. Your professionals know how to make things happen.

The second point is that if you are not willing to compromise, be willing to pay for the privilege.

Flower Friday: All White Wedding Bouquets

With all the beautiful color palettes being used for wedding right now, there is still something ethereal about a bride entirely in white that makes her stand out in the rainbow.
Here is some inspiration for you. I love how many of these have incorporated feathers to soften the look. Enjoyall white Flower Friday: All White Wedding Bouquets

What color flowers are you carrying and why? Inquiring minds want to know.

Clockwise from top left;

source unknown
feathers and pearls
White roses with Rhinestone broach
Sweat peas
Marabou and Gardenias
Teal stem wrap
Callas, feathers and crystals

Negotiating With Wedding Vendors

You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

I work with some of the best wedding professionals in the world and most are more than willing to bend over backwards to ensure your day is all you dreamed. However, there comes time when even they lose patience. By holding strictly to the letter of the contract, a wedding professional can step back and let you suffer the consequences.

Such was the case recently. This bride was doing anything and everything to cut cost, understandably. The problem was the way she was going about it. Rather than working with her vendors to find alternatives and solutions, she brow beat and demanded. At one point she actually said, “I know I have pissed off every one of my vendors.” By the end of the day, even her sister wasn’t speaking to her.

Take for instance the florist. She had been so nickel and dimed, browbeat and berated by this bride that there was no way she would do anything extra for this woman. When the bride realized that she had neglected to have the friend that was making the bouquet put together anything for the mothers the bride told her sister to go get any leftover flowers and make something. Now anytime a florist is doing anything on site there are always extra flowers hanging around. Guess what? Awww all the left over roses had been beheaded and put on the cake table. Sorry. But the cake table looked great.

Florists charge for candles and for rentals. This bride didn’t want to pay for either so she borrowed candelabrum from a friend and bought her own candles. The bad news is that the first time the florist got to see the candelabrum was on site at the event. Great. The flowers barely fit and the candles not at all. If we had used the candles provided the whole thing would have gone up in flames. Did we or the hotel have taller candles or another option available? Of course we did. Did we tell her? Nope. The hotel (which had been pushed around enough that the head of sales came into handle the event personally) simple said Sorry, no open flames. Do without.

There were just a million and one little things that went on like this throughout the entire day. No one did anything wrong or unethical; all they did was hold the bride to the letter of the contract.  I don’t know how to convince you that you will get more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Thanks to Foxy Wedding for the heads up on this video.

Shabby Chic: Getting the Look for Your Wedding

I am seeing a resurgence of the shabby chic look for weddings and also a heck of a lot of stuff just being called shabby chic. If you really want that look for your wedding, you first have to understand what is and is not shabby chic.
shabby chic Shabby Chic: Getting the Look for Your Wedding

To me, shabby chic is the look of a vintage English country manor.  A setting full of beautiful stately bits that have been collected over generations and washed by time and use to a lovely softness. There is a randomness that can’t be endlessly repeated on each table.
Unlike the sharp crisp lines we have been seeing in the contemporary looks, shabby chic has a soft, cozy wiltedness to it. There aren’t any sharp color contrasts, just lovely pastel blendings. The silver is old odds and ends with tarnish still lodged deep in the crevices. All the pieces are high quality but worn.

379086845 6058635a3b Shabby Chic: Getting the Look for Your Wedding

Shabby chic isn’t about a collection of brand new mason jars with daisies shoved in them. That’s country and a design style in its own right, but not shabby chic. Rather, think along the lines of random teapots, sugar bowls , water glasses and flea market vases to hold garden variety flowers for your centerpieces. For flowers think peonies, garden roses, ranunculus and Queen Anne’s lace with wisps of ivy trailing out. Think randomly.

Take a look at some of the images I gathered. See if you can see the thread I am trying to explain.

Here all the chandeliers are different, so are the containers for the flowers

2bbdb4d405e49ef6ff1e68406375929c rwl Shabby Chic: Getting the Look for Your Wedding

These lovely vintage perfume bottles hold simple garden flowers, the blue plate behind them is a very soft shade of robins egg.

2618719125 a523660a7b 1 Shabby Chic: Getting the Look for Your Wedding

This bouquet is loose, casual and airy. Again the colors are muted.

pink white peony Shabby Chic: Getting the Look for Your Wedding

il 430xn81221544 Shabby Chic: Getting the Look for Your Wedding

This sign is weathered and old looking but the the font is wonderfully ornate. It looks as if it could have hung outside a paris shop 100 years ago.

Feather Bouquet

This gorgeous bouquet was all dressed up for the holidays without a touch of red.

img 0964 Feather Bouquet

Feather and Crystal Bouquet

A few weeks ago Friend of the Dish, Vicki Sanders of Branching Out Event Florists did the décor for this wintery wedding in a vintage downtown Nashville manse. The ball room was decked out in shades of white taken to dramatic heights with feathers and all things sparkly. From the white calla lily bouquet with crystal centers and an explosion of white feathers to the lighted feather centerpieces the look was elegent and edgy at the same time.

img 0970 300x225 Feather Bouquet

Feather and Candle Wedding Decor

img 0968 300x225 Feather Bouquet

Mantle Decor for December Wedding

One of the great things about doing weddings is seeing how happy you have made that one young lady on such a special day. The two conical trees flanking the fireplace belonged to the venue and were originally on the mantle. Well the bride just hated, I mean really hated them. Until she saw where we had moved them and how we had garnished them liberally with cream colored roses. After the ceremony we went back and added white ostrich plume to them.the agency blogdoc Feather Bouquet

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