Feather Bouquet

This gorgeous bouquet was all dressed up for the holidays without a touch of red.

Feather and Crystal Bouquet

Feather and Crystal Bouquet

A few weeks ago Friend of the Dish, Vicki Sanders of Branching Out Event Florists did the décor for this wintery wedding in a vintage downtown Nashville manse. The ball room was decked out in shades of white taken to dramatic heights with feathers and all things sparkly. From the white calla lily bouquet with crystal centers and an explosion of white feathers to the lighted feather centerpieces the look was elegent and edgy at the same time.

Feather and Candle Wedding Decor

Feather and Candle Wedding Decor

Mantle Decor for December Wedding

Mantle Decor for December Wedding

One of the great things about doing weddings is seeing how happy you have made that one young lady on such a special day. The two conical trees flanking the fireplace belonged to the venue and were originally on the mantle. Well the bride just hated, I mean really hated them. Until she saw where we had moved them and how we had garnished them liberally with cream colored roses. After the ceremony we went back and added white ostrich plume to them.

My Perfect Wedding Bouquet

I spent three very long intense days working with a florist friend of mine last week on a wedding that required 26 bouquets. During the course of all this, we got to chatting about what would be our perfect bouquet. Oddly enough, the look, shape or color wasn’t high on my list of criteria. It was the smell.

Most commercially grown flowers have little or no scent; it has been bred out in favor of looks and hardiness. There are still a few, however, that have retained their aromatic glory. This is where I went.

So here is my wish list:

Flowers for a Fragrant Wedding Bouquet

Flowers for a Fragrant Wedding Bouquet

    • Gardenias. Yes, they are very delicate, but they smell like heaven.
    • Stephanotis. Tiny little charmers that I would add crystal centers too.
    • Tuberose. A classic addition to perfumes but also a darn pretty flower.
    • Freesia. Fragrant and lovely.
    • White Phalaenopsis orchids. No, these aren’t fragrant, but I would love to see their pretty faces smiling up at me.

Being a noob at floral design, I prefaced my wish list by saying that I doubted it would work. My friend Jody immediately jumped in to say “hey, of course, it can. For you, we’d make it happen.” I trust Jody, she has been doing floral design since she was in the womb. If she says it can happen, it can happen.

Bridal bouquets were originally made of fragrant herbs as a way to chase away evil spirits. This thing would smell so good it might actually attract a few benevolent ones to your wedding. That can’t be a bad thing.

So here is a question for all my friends and readers out there in the industry: without limitations, what would your perfect wedding bouquet be? Is it color? Is it shape? Is it a particular flower? Inquiring minds want to know. If you think about it, you have seen about a bazillion bouquets over the course of your career. What would you choose for yourself?

Flower Perfection

As someone that has made my share of sugar flowers, I have a great respect for the art. That skill has been transformed into a more permanent form: clay. Using ClayCraft Deco Clay, Diane Phillips of DK Designs has brought the beauty of hand sculpted flowers off the cake and into your bouquet, your centerpieces and into your home.

Clay Flower centerpiece of roses and stephanotis
clay roses, stephanoitis and peony buds

Fresh flowers are beautiful, but these stunners will last forever if you take care of them. Even if you don’t want to go the clay route for your actual wedding, why not have a piece made using the clay version of your flowers to treasure forever.

You can see more of Diane’s work at her Etsy store on her blog. To special order you can contact the artist directly through her website.

Hat tip to Wedded Bits for hooking me up with these.

Mad About Orchids on Flower Friday

Orchids used to have a really bad image, at least with me.

Beautiful Orchids used various ways

Beautiful Orchids used various ways

If someone would mention orchids, I immediately thought of purple granny corsages. Then came the whole minimalist zen look. Thanks to a friend in the floral industry I have gained a whole new perspective on this versatile flower. They can be bold or airy, used in mass or can make a huge statement with only a single bloom. And the colors!!! Oh my. Last Sunday I ran across a chocolate cymbidium orchid and I am so sorry I did not get a picture of it for you.

Here you see them used in bouquet, boutonnières, centerpieces and even strung to create a curtain. They are airily sprayed from a vase or submerged in one. See what I mean by versatility.

Pretty Bouquets All In a Row

Usually when I see Wedding Bouquets it’s for one wedding at a time so they pretty much all look alike. Wedding shows are fun because you get to see a bunch of different ones at one time. Here are some of the ones I saw at Weddings, The Bridal Show last Sunday.Kevin Warner/ Accent Designs

Kevin Warner/ Accent DesignsKevin Warner/ Accent DesignsBellvue Florists

It’s kind of over whelming to see them all together!Kevin Warner/ Accent Design

Flower Friday: Dress Up Your Bouquet

I love flowers, but sometimes wedding bouquets can get boring. This can be especially true when you are on a tight budget and your choice of flowers is more limited. There really is a simple solution: ACCESSORIZE!

You know how far the right accessories can go in taking an outfit from frumpy to fab. Well the same holds true for your wedding bouquet.

Wedding bouquet with monogramStarburst Wedding Bouquet

You can bling it up with crystal ornaments made specifically for bouquets like these initial or starbursts.

Simple rose bouquet taken up a notch

You can add crystals, beads and ribbon streamers for a more over the top look.

Grandmother\'s brooch dresses up a bridal bouquet

You can make it sentimental with Grandmother’s Brooch.

Just like in your everyday life, don’t forget to accessorize.

Fun Fabulous Wedding Bouquets

Bored with the basic hand tied rose bouquets? Me too. So for Flower Friday I thought I would send you a couple of fun ones I ran across.

This orchid bouquet is courtesy of Kelly at Weddings by Socialites. I really like the amaranths. There is a great shot on Kelly’s blog with them blowing in the breeze.

This cream and white wedding bouquet is from Branching Out Event Florists. I love the full size calla lilies mixed with white feathers. How fun.

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