Calling All Floral Designers: Reality Check Wednesday

Here’s a question wedding pros, how do you really feel about Pinterest?

Brides, I ask you the same question.

Here is my take and a plan to do something about it.

Pinterest is jam packed with the most gorgeous images. Brides scroll for hours sparking their imagination and fueling their wedding dreams.


and this is a really big but. They have no idea of what some of this magnificent splendor costs.

Every week I see the look of shock and horror on the faces of the brides I consult with when they hear the price on the stunning bouquet that they just have to have or the floral chandelier or sky high centerpieces. It really isn’t their fault. The one thing you can’t find on Pinterest is pricing.

Here is my plan, I want to create a group of event florists from around the country, or the world for that matter to review one Pinterest image every week and price it out. Now I know no one wants to be quoted or held to a price, so we can do all this in private and I’ll just list your quotes by locations. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what the same design would go for in New York vs California vs Oklahoma. How about urban center vs rural America.

Don’t you think this would make life easier for us floral designers if our clients were armed with a little reality before they set their heart on lining the entire staircase with floral garland?

Who’s in? No commitment to participate every week and I promise to not reveal your identity. You can also feel free to comment on the item.

I think it will be a fun and informative project. If you want to participate you can email me directly at

To get this ball rolling

Wedding Cake Inspiration

I was cleaning out some files today and ran across some of my cakes back when I owned my bakery. I thought I would share.Pink and White fondant wedding cake

Green & White fondant wedding cake

Snowflake cake for a winter wedding

And last but not least, because nothing makes life better than cookies and a breath of spring..

Spring Green Wedding Cakes

Maybe it is because the leaves are starting to burst forth outside the treehouse window , but today I was just feelin’ green cakes. Here are a few of the prettiest I found. Enjoy!

Green Wedding Cakes For Spring1.The caning detail is what makes this cake. Be sure you choose a really great sugar artist for this one; getting that kind of precision piping is harder than it looks. {source}

2. Whimsical polka dots for the fun couple. I would have liked to see a different topper, but then I am picky about cakes. {source}

3. Spring Green hexagon cake with delicate sugar flowers. I love how the flowers get lighter as they go up. It helps the ‘weight ‘ the cake and gives it an hombre effect. {source}

4.Pale green stripes in a variety of hues keep this look light and airy. The sugar orchids are exquisite. Cake by Cheryl Kleinman {source}

5.This casual, fun cake brings in the lushness of chocolate to complete the look. The sides are Piroette cookies. Cake by my personal hero, Rose Levy Birnbaum.  {source}


Inspiration for Your Wedding Cake

One of the greatest joys I have ever had was when a bride brought me something to use as inspiration to custom design her wedding cake. 😀 Even though I no longer create sugar art, I am still inspired to design. Such was my mood today as I was viewing the gowns from this weekend’s couture wedding market in New York. Grabbing paper and pen, the sketches flowed as naturally as ever.
So in the hope that you will find inspiration here is the first in a series of inspired cake designs.

This gown from Claire PettiboneClaire Pettibone lace back wedding gown inspired this sketch for an all white, very textural cake.  The lace of the gown would be recreated in royal icing on fondant using a technique called brush embroidery. Once the royal icing work was done, I would go in and add minute touches of silver leaf and iridescent power, maybe even some edible glitter to the raised art to give it the same feeling of glitz and crystals as in the gown. Wedding Cake Design by Christine Boulton
The overall shape of the cake is tall and narrow, as is the gown. I made the bottom tier a bit wider to echo the slight flair as the gown grazes the floor. The tiers are 4” tall and in diameter are 4, 6, 8, 10 and 14. By the calculation I used to use for my cakes, it would serve 300 but your mileage may vary.

Gown photo courtesy of The Brides Guide

Funny Photos

As I travel around the internet I run across photos that, gosh I don’t know, I guess are just wrong. You have to wonder what these people were thinking.

First up, Bad Bouquet.bad bouquet
Sadly this came from a Martha Stewart post. I’m sorry but just ripping a bit of shrubbery out of the garden is not a suitable substitute for a bouquet.

Giant Bride.IMG_0383
I ran across this one while setting up a site for a bridal salon. This was actually on the gown manufacturer’s website. Take a good look. How tall is this bride? 14’ or 15’ tall? Or is it just a miniature landscape.

bride torso  from Cake WrecksBad Cake
This was sent to me by a fellow cake designer. Click through the photo to read the comments they really are the best part. Just be sure to put your coffee down first or you risk spitting all over your monitor from laughing so hard.

Greening The Real American Wedding

A few months ago I set up a blog for a recent client/long time friend. When I went in today to tweak a thing or two I caught up on my reading.

I had always known that Kellie was one of the greenest caterers around. Still, I was tickled green to see that she is posting about it.

The Main Event Blog

The Main Event Blog

To all my about to be bride readers; take a look at some of the wonderful ways that your vendors can incorporate a green attitude into what they do for your wedding. To my readers in the industry; Kellie is a shining example of how all the little choices you make everyday, really do make a difference.

Check out Kellie’s blog for The Main Event, while you are there, check out her gorgeous cakes.

Keep up the great work Kellie.

Cupcake Wedding Cakes ~sigh~

Cupcake wedding cakes aren’t exactly new. Here is the picture that started the whole trend back in the mid nineties. It was from a real wedding layout in Westchester Weddings. I bet I did some variation on that set up at least a dozen times.

Cupcake Wedding Cake

Cupcake Wedding Cake

Since then every baker worth their sugar has started doing cupcake weddings. They can be kitsch or elegant, fun or restrained but always delicious.

They can also be a budget friendly DIY option if you dress them out yourself and build your own stand.

Just order plain cupcakes in wonderful flavors from a local bakery to pick up the day before your wedding. You can top them with candies or fruit or edible flowers like pansies. If you are feeing industrious, simple sugar flowers can be made in advance to top them. Be sure to allow enough time for set-up on the day of your wedding. The best idea is to have a friend set it up for you just before the ceremony. Give them a picture of what you want it to look like and all they will have to do is set the little goodies on the stand.

Poppy Cupcake, Cherry Cupcake, Beach Cupcake

Cakes with Fresh Flowers

Sometimes even the simplest cake can become a stunner with a few fresh flowers. It might even be a money saver. Check with both your baker and your florist and be sure they are working together.

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