DIY Centerpieces

Those of you that are frequent followers of the Dish know that I am not a huge fan of DIY weddings. Having said that, I also know that there are a ton of brides that are ready to take the hand-made plunge. Centerpieces seem to be a favorite. So here goes…

First my rant. If I see one more lonely little bowl filled with water and one or two floating candle I may just scream. The same goes for a single pillar candle surrounded by rose petals. If you are going to take on this project, how about using a little creativity girls? I am well aware that for most of you saving money is the object, but you are going to have to think outside the box a little for that. Also remember that the standard height rules apply: either tall enough to see under or low enough to see over.

The one on the left I found on Indie Bride: Simple, clean, cheap and easy. If you are going for that urban zen look you can’t beat it. Change the single flower to suit your style. An orchid would be lovely but a rose would look outdated.

The one on the right would work for anything either county or garden. It is simply a flat of wheat grass with flowers in water picks stuck down in it, tie a ribbon around the flat or wrap it in fabric. Easy enough.This one has daisies but change up the fabric and use tulips for spring or for fall use deep colored mums and sprinkle the grass with fall leaves.

We all know that everyone looks better in candle light. If you want to go this route the key is to mass the candles. See if you can order plain white or ivory pillars by the case. Get a case of several different sizes and mix them up on the table. Rent some inexpensive serving trays to put them on and fill in the rest of the tray with stones or coffee beans or even cranberries to fit your mood. Get creative. Tuck a single bloom in among the filler an BOOM, pretty, unique and reasonable inexpensive. Just remember to find out what your venues rules are regarding candles.

Another popular DIY centerpiece is to fill bowls with beautiful fresh fruit. The only problem with that is finding enough pretty fruit the day before your wedding. Plus if you buy that much fruit at the grocery store you may end up paying more that if you had had the florist do standard arrangements. This might help: limit you selection to two or three kinds of fruit that will be in season at the time of your wedding. Arrange with your caterer to order the fruit through their wholesale produce vendor. Rent the bowls. It’s worth a shot.

I would love to see your DIY centerpieces. So send them on.

(Vicki, please don’t hate me)

What Color is My Wedding?

Are you struggling to pick the perfect palette for your wedding? It seems that brides either can not decide on a color scheme or picked one several years ago because they saw a wedding in those colors and they loved it. The first group is thinking too hard and the second is not reflecting their uniqueness.

Most brides tend to go to the bridal magazine or bridal websites and forums to find ideas for a color palette. How about a better idea, go to your closet.

1. They are colors you love or you wouldn’t have bought them.

2. They are colors currently in style or you couldn’t have bought them.

3. They are most likely colors that flatter your skin tone. Hey, you do want to make sure YOU look great that day, right?

4. If you pick an outfit not a single item you have already done the work of “What color goes with this”

5. If you pick an outfit that corresponds to the season in which you are getting married you already know the colors work with it.

Don’t let some designer from a magazine or the designers that make bridesmaids gowns determine the color of your wedding. You are a heck of a lot smarter than you think you are. You have been picking color palettes for as long as you could shop. If you are like most of us, you have invested countless hours honing that skill in the malls and boutiques of life. Use it.

One more thing Just because a certain style is always shown in a certain palette doesn’t mean you have to do it that way. I designed an urban tablescape recently using the cliché black cloth, red table runner and napkins on square tables, white square china, single stems of white orchids, black river rocks…oh you know the look. Anyway, as I stood there admiring my handy work I suddenly saw it in other colors. How marvelous it would have looked in a medium moss green and pale khaki. Wow. Your style and your color palette are not necessarily joined at the hip. Even the classic Zen/urban look can be tweaked to fit your personality and venue.

Have fun with your wedding. There really aren’t any wedding police that come bug you if you don’t follow traditions and current fads. OK well maybe that one pain in the ass aunt. Just smile serenely and tell her that you are certain that her idea will be lovely at her next wedding and you can’t wait to see it. Then laugh like hell after she leaves!

Wedding Flowers

Every article on wedding flowers says that if you want to save money on your florals to choose flowers that are in season. Great, but I have no idea what’s in season when. They never give you that information in the photo layouts. Just gorgeous pictures of pretty flowers.
Well, here is all the dirt that’s fit to dish gathered in one place.

Bliss! offers a great interactive tool where you can enter the color or season or even the region you want and it will give you a list of flowers that fit that criteria. Cool.

All Wedding Ideas has a simple listing of flowers by season. It’s a good list if you see something you like and just need to know if it in season. The flashing banner ad at the top is pretty annoying, but hey, just scroll it away.

Here is a list from a redecorating website. If you search the site you will also find some fun decorating tips that can translate to wedding decor. This site reminds you to also think about seasonal fruits and vegetables to use in your decorating. Great color and shape, cheap price tag! Yeah!
A good tip is to look outside the wedding industry for some fun and unique ideas.

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