Great Wedding Venues Outside the Box

There aren’t many good things you can say about our current economic times but we all know that every cloud has a silver lining. Well I found this one:VENUES.

If you are still looking for you venue your should look outside of the traditional box of hotels and country club. Every week I hear about some new venue opening up, mostly as a result of a recession based FAIL.

This example just made it’s debut last week as an event venue.Spaces in Belle Meade. In it’s original state it was a high end mini mall sort of affair; a few walls were taken down and the space opened up a bit and now it absolutely rocks as an event space.



Keep you eyes open for unique new spaces in you area.

Here is the 411 on the event and venue above.

Many thanks to Anne Clayton at Music City Tents & Events for a fab party. (AS ALWAYS)

Shabby Chic. Yep, It’s Officially a Wedding Trend

I have been kind of tracking this for a while. I started mostly because a dear friend of the Dish, Vicki Sanders at Branching Out Event Design has a knock your socks off collection of containers that fit but also because I love the softness of the look.
I had thought I was seeing it pop up more often in recent months but today I had confirmation that it is or will soon be the hottest of hot.

Confirmation you ask? What confirmation? Well the images below were all taken from two of the hottest wedding blogs, Style Me Pretty and photographer Jasmine Star’s Blog.  The first two collages were taken at a photography workshop hosted by the fabulous photographer, Jessica Claire. Need I say more?  Enjoy!

Shabby Chic Wedding

Source: Style Me Pretty

Images from: Allisa Ferullo

Taken at : Jessica Claire Photography WorkshopShabby Chic Decor Collage

Source: Style Me Pretty

Images from: Kari Sikorski

Taken at : Jessica Claire Photography Workshop

Shabby Chic Wedding Decor Details

Images by : Jasmine Star

Shabby Chic Table Decor

Images by: Jasmine Star

Cool Lighting for Your Wedding Centerpieces

Lookie what I found! Are these not the coolest?

Branches with battery operated lights with silk blossoms to add lights to your flower arrangements.

 Organic Wedding Centerpiece with lighted branches

Lighted Branches for centerpiecesCenterpiece with lighted branches and butterflyI was at a networking meeting last night and ran across these. I have never seen them before and the ideas just started popping. The lights are attached to a battery pack and have a burn life of 36 hours. As you can see from this image they come in an amazing variety of colors.Lighted branches for flower arrangements in a variety of colors

Now usually I am not a fan of silk flowers, but these, wow! I can see how the addition of a one or two in a large arrangement would make quite a statement. What with the growing popularity of branches in wedding arrangements I think these would be a great choice. I also understand that you can break down the branches to make them small for low or smaller arrangements. What can I say, I am smitten. I wish I could show them too you in person.

Bella Aeris is a local Nashville company that is having them manufactured so I doubt you are going to find these everywhere. You can order from their website and they are available retail or wholesale to the trades. You can find them here. Be sure to check out their Flickr galleries. If you are in the Nashville area, they have a shop in the Mall at Greenhills.  I’m thinking field trip!

Feasting Tables for Your Wedding

Maybe it is the nip of fall in the air or maybe it is just that I’m tired of seeing ballrooms set with a sea of round tables; but I’m currently loving feasting tables.Feasting Tables for Your Wedding

There is something lovely about the look of a long table that runs down the center of the room, seemingly going on for miles. It feels so much more like family to be seated that way. It kind of reminds me of all those family dinners as a child. Isn’t that really the kind of feelings that you want for a day this special?


top left

bottom left



Your Wedding Vendors Are a Valuable Planning Tool

It’s always fun to sit down with other industry insiders; I just never know what insights I will gather for you.

All the parts and pieces to make an event Monday I had lunch with Kristin and Mark from Classic Party Rental and Vicki from Branching Out Event Designs. The conversation turned to brides, naturally. It occurred to us that if brides knew the depth of knowledge that most wedding professionals had they would really begin to recognize what a valuable resource they are.

More than anything, a true professional knows darn near everything there is to know about your local market. They have worked all the venues multiple times, they have worked with the other members of you team and more importantly, they know what works and what doesn’t. They also know all the secrets that you would take years to uncover. All you have to do is ask.

Let me give you a little for instance. While touring the 70,000 sq foot warehouse at Classic Party Rental we came across a stack of long narrow bench cushions. Nice, but hardly earth shattering until Mark told us how they used them. Nashville is graced with a full scale replica of the Parthenon. These pads were created to fit the ledge that lines the interior and also the massive steps that line the outside. These pads give you the ability to turn the whole building into a massive cocktail lounge, inside and out. As many times as I have worked at and attended events at the Parthenon I never even considered this possibility. Of course, I had never asked. Not any bride I can think of would have thought to either.

Most likely a bride would walk in with all the pictures she had pulled off the internet and said something along the lines of “I want this.” If instead, she had contacted them early in the process and said “I am having my reception at the Parthenon, do you have any interesting ideas” they would have been happy to supply her with many.

Vicki echoed the same sentiment; so often brides come to her with an attitude of micro-management rather than one of seeking her expertise. When they find out that the flowers they must have are out of season or out of budget they are at a loss. If they would have just asked in the first place Vicki could have given then a list of alternatives that would have fit their design concept but been in budget and in season.

Moral of the story is don’t try to do all this on your own in front of the computer and a handful of magazines. You are paying professional not only for the goods and services they provide, but more importantly for their knowledge. You might as well use it.

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Wedding Centerpieces: Out of the Ordinary

Nowhere is it written that your centerpieces for your wedding reception have to be a floral arrangement. Your centerpieces should be unique to your personality and the unique style of both your wedding and your venue.

I love brides that aren’t afraid to think outside of the box. All of the centerpieces I have chosen for today could easily be a DIY project. Some may be a little easier than others and some are a little sensitive as to what season everything will be available.Out of the ordinary wedding centerpieces

1. Potted herbs in matching silver painted pots. The key here is the abundance and the matching pots. {source}
2. Zen inspired candle arrangement an bamboo tray, very minimalist {source}

3. Zen inspired arrangement on rented pewter tray with black river stones and a single gerber daisy. {authors image}
4. Simple glass vases with smooth river stones anchoring orchids, topped with floating candles.{source}
5. Candle scape with vegetables and flower accents. I love the hollowed out artichokes and the asparagus wrap on the candle. {source}
6.Daisies suspended in lemon jello. Yes, you read that right, jello. How cool is that? {source}

Fabulous Overhead Wedding Décor

Sometimes you just need that something to draw your guest attention and make your whole reception or ceremony design POP. Look up.
You know I am a fan of inexpensive paper lanterns to add color and style to a décor; but they aren’t the only thing you can use to draw the eye up.

Here they used paper parasols hung in almost sculptural way to form a backdrop for the wedding cake.Paper parasols used as hanging backdrop for wedding cake

Here lighted ‘snowballs’ were hung in the trees. These you can find at the after Christmas sales on clearance. Anytime you are using electrical, I really recommend that you have a licensed event lighting specialist do the install.Lighted snowball decor. Jason Tucker Photography

Flowers always work. Here a chuppah is hug with strung flower heads. If you did these in silk you could have them done well in advance.Flowers being strung for a chuppah

If you want to go for the all out drama, have your ceiling draped and hang amazing crystal chandeliers from the peak. This is a pretty darn elegant look for a tent, don’t ya’ think?Dramatic tent decor for wedding reception

The take away is: Who cares if the carpet sucks, give them a reason to never even look at it! hehe

DIY Centerpieces: Paper Lanterns

I was so inspired by this image that I went looking for the bits and bobs to put it together. The more I looked, the more inspired I got.
Easy DIY Centerpiece using paper lanterns(Source)
I love the idea of Chinese paper lanterns but you can’t always hang them at your location. Here they are used as the centerpiece.

multicolored paper lanterns for wedding centerpieceSince paper lanterns are available in a huge range of colors, sizes, shapes and patterns you could go almost anywhere with these.

Just a couple of notes here. Since they are paper, be careful with any candles you use. For the lanterns themselves, I suggest you use battery operated LED lights. You might even want to use the battery operated candles.

You also want to weight the lanterns with a few river rocks. Those puppies are pretty light and you don’t want you centerpieces to blow away.Tucking any leftover river rocks around the finished arrangement will add a Zen quality to your tablescape.
Blue paper lanterns
I was also thinking that adding an accent might be nice. You could tuck lily blooms or orchids in around the lanterns. Or maybe even thesedragonfly lights

I found just about everything you would need at Luna Bazaar. I have a set of the Dragonfly string lights; I picked them up at Target on clearance.

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