I just saw the coolest idea on BizBash, a S’more bar.

Now how fun is that!

s'more bar


At the Campfire Ball benefit for Children’s
Oncology Services in May at Venue One in
Chicago, Cork Catering set up a make-
your-own s’mores station.

Photo: Gerber + Scarpelli Photography


While you are inspiring the kid in your guests, why not add an old fashioned soda bar.

At a promotional event at Skylight West in New York in June, Great Performances showcased its house-made sodas, ice cream floats, and handspun milk shakes at a soda jerk station.Photo: Mimi McCormick


p.s. This is a great way to end your reception. No one will notice that you have closed the bar.

Win the Cutest Invitations!

I just ran across this and had to share.

Take it Personally is launching a new line called Hugs and Kisses and you can win a set of 50 Save the Dates and 50 flat invitations.Hugs and Kisses Save the Date

To win you have to register by midnight January 19th on the Fan Page

Custom Cartoon Invitation

Once you register, hop over to Christine’s website to check out the rest of her too cute for words personalized invitations and stationery.

I absolutely love her custom cartoon invitations.

Indian Influenced Weddings

One of the best parts of designing websites for wedding professionals is all the gorgoeus images I get to see. Lately I have found myself immersed in the culture of South Asain Weddings.

One of my photographers has one on her front page, a planner friend just completed a huge one this fall, a floral designer friend and client has one coming up in the spring. Plus I just finished a site for the grand master of the style, Anais Events.

While a full on Asian wedding may not be in the cards for everyone, they are certainly a place to find some fabulous touches to inspire your own wedding.

Please enjoy these bright,bold bursts of color in the cold, gray month of January. All images courtesy of the lovely and talented Amrit Dhillion-Bains,  Anais Event Design.

Feasting Tables for Your Wedding

Maybe it is the nip of fall in the air or maybe it is just that I’m tired of seeing ballrooms set with a sea of round tables; but I’m currently loving feasting tables.Feasting Tables for Your Wedding

There is something lovely about the look of a long table that runs down the center of the room, seemingly going on for miles. It feels so much more like family to be seated that way. It kind of reminds me of all those family dinners as a child. Isn’t that really the kind of feelings that you want for a day this special?


top left

bottom left



Fabulous Overhead Wedding Décor

Sometimes you just need that something to draw your guest attention and make your whole reception or ceremony design POP. Look up.
You know I am a fan of inexpensive paper lanterns to add color and style to a décor; but they aren’t the only thing you can use to draw the eye up.

Here they used paper parasols hung in almost sculptural way to form a backdrop for the wedding cake.Paper parasols used as hanging backdrop for wedding cake

Here lighted ‘snowballs’ were hung in the trees. These you can find at the after Christmas sales on clearance. Anytime you are using electrical, I really recommend that you have a licensed event lighting specialist do the install.Lighted snowball decor. Jason Tucker Photography

Flowers always work. Here a chuppah is hug with strung flower heads. If you did these in silk you could have them done well in advance.Flowers being strung for a chuppah

If you want to go for the all out drama, have your ceiling draped and hang amazing crystal chandeliers from the peak. This is a pretty darn elegant look for a tent, don’t ya’ think?Dramatic tent decor for wedding reception

The take away is: Who cares if the carpet sucks, give them a reason to never even look at it! hehe

Putting Together a Shabby Chic Table

I had a great time today. Friend of the Dish, Vicki Sanders of Branching Out Event Florists and I had lunch and a tour with Kristen Fridrich and Mark Ermshar at Classic Party Rentals. Well you know that there is nowhere I like better to find inspiration than a really top notch rental resource. Classic didn’t disappoint.
As we toured the show room I was telling Kristen that shabby chic is a rising trend. Well sure enough, you get that many creative minds together and magic happens. Before you know it we had pulled together a shabby chic place setting and centerpiece out of seemingly thin air.Shabby Chic Table

Let me dissects it for you.

china for shabby chic look

First this beautifully patterned china caught my eye; on the same rack we found the white china with the embossed vines and the scalloped edge. So we mixed and matched. Kristen pointed out the cut glass wine glasses saying it looked like something her grandmother would use. Bingo. We added the blue water goblet for a pop of color. The gold flatware was chosen to pick up the gold rim on the china. Next I ran around the showroom grabbing random bits of silver and hobnail glass and Vicki headed for her car for some flowers left over from Saturday’s wedding. Before you knew it, we had a shabby chic look using all rented objects.
Now wasn’t that easy?

I’ll have more fun tidbits from today to come.

Another Stunning Wedding Cake

When I first started in the wedding industry there were only 3 or 4 people in NashVegas doing wedding cakes; and only one that truly excelled: Leland Riggins. From the very beginning, her cakes were the gold standard, the best in town and they still are.

Leland’s company, Dessert Designs has the most amazing buttercream I have ever tasted. I remember one of my decorator and my baker and I would get slices of her cake and sit around the shop trying to analyze it. We did this for years and never got anywhere. The flavor is heavenly; it makes incredible flowers and because it is meringue based it has the prettiest sheen I have ever seen. Quite honestly, I have still not seen anything like it. No, it’s not Italian or Swiss meringue, I tried that.

Pink and white rose covered wedding cake

Her cakes have an over all “Sylvia Weinstock” look to them, but since the floral is all buttercream they cut and serve like a dream.

Leland said it took nearly a month to pipe all the roses for this cake. I believe it. Take a minute and enjoy the cake gallery and take a look at her flavor list. If you are salivating by this time you can order from her online store. WARNING: The chocolate truffle cake is the deepest, darkest, richest thing you will ever put in your mouth. It borders on sensory overload.

She Takes The Cake

One of the things you rarely see me post about are wedding cakes. I think it is because when I stopped doing them I needed a complete break. Lately they have started seeping into my life again.

Rather than dive back into the madness of baking and designing again I thought I would start a semi regular feature showcasing some of the best designer out there.

soft pink and green tower wedding cake by She Takes the Cake

First up, Jen of She Takes the Cake. I have been following Jen’s tweets and this girl thinks like me. Her cakes are simply stunning. This soft pink and green tower is particularly lovely.

You can view Jen’s gallery here or her Flickr photostream here. If you really want to get an inside look at the world of a cake designer, read her blog. Maybe then you can understand a) why wedding cakes are so expensive and b) why after 20 years I stepped away from the turntable.

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