Indian Influenced Weddings

One of the best parts of designing websites for wedding professionals is all the gorgoeus images I get to see. Lately I have found myself immersed in the culture of South Asain Weddings.

One of my photographers has one on her front page, a planner friend just completed a huge one this fall, a floral designer friend and client has one coming up in the spring. Plus I just finished a site for the grand master of the style, Anais Events.

While a full on Asian wedding may not be in the cards for everyone, they are certainly a place to find some fabulous touches to inspire your own wedding.

Please enjoy these bright,bold bursts of color in the cold, gray month of January. All images courtesy of the lovely and talented Amrit Dhillion-Bains,  Anais Event Design.

The Perfect Shabby Chic Venue

I have been working with a local venue on their marketing and I just fell in love with the look of this place. A little bit southern elegance, a little bit rustic country and a whole lot of shabby chic charm.

Kathy and her hunky fireman husband, Brian are your propietors. They look at the whole site as a part of thier love story and want to extend that same feeling to the couples that choose Front Porch Farms for their weddings.

Enjoy the view.

{Source- All images Front Porch Farms}

The Wedding List for Facebook

I’ve found a great new planning tool for Facebook called The Wedding List. The Wedding List for Facebook

Its an easy to use app that allows you to send pre-formatted requests to your Facebook friends asking for recommendations for your wedding vendor. Who knows you better than your besties?The Wedding List for Facebook

One of the cool things about this app is how well organized it is. All your responses are in one location, organized by category.I mean come on, when you are planning something as involved and important as a wedding organization is the key.

So are all the flower recommendations are together and the same for caterer and venue, etc. Give it a try here.

The Wedding List for Facebook

Oh, and if you are a wedding professional reading this, be on the look out for the logo in your newsfeed and take the moment to help these brides out.


Franklin Bridal Ball

Last night was The Franklin Bridal Ball. I was there to see what was up and catch any trends I could. As you can see I was in great company. Those are two really good friends of the Dish, Vicki Sanders of Branching Out Event Florists and Ashley King-Carter creator of Ashley’s Bride Guide. Yes, we apparently all got the memo: Green is tonight’s color!

There were many beautiful things there but I was inspired by some of the tabletops and centerpieces. It seems that ‘Shiny” is in!  I’ll have more dish on the people and things for last night in the days to come. Stay tuned.

Coming Events and Tweets

Your Wedding Diva is on the road again. This time I’m off to New York for a bloggers luncheon at Conde Nast. The luncheon is to highlight the launch of Wedded Bits, the official blog on Internet buddy, Laura Goldberg sent the invite along with Michelle Preli,’s Editor-in-chief. I am jazzed to see what other wedding bloggers will be there. You know we are all honored by the invite.

Tweet, tweet…I finally gave in and started Twittering. Follow my travels and travails at ChrisBoulton. I’ll try to remember to tweet from the road.

One of the things I hope to use Twitter for is to get all of you, my faithful readers to hold me accountable. Due to many requests and much needling I have started putting together Wedding Dish: The Inside Scoop to Planning Your Wedding. I am shooting for at least 1000 words a day. I’ll post my daily count and trust my readers to keep at me if I slack. I want the first draft FINISHED by mid July. I’m counting on you!

Get Married

I just got back from a fabulous conference in Florida with some of the top trend setters in the industry. Over the next few days I want to go indepth on some of the people and products I ran across. So let’s get started.

I rode in from the airport with the darling Stacie Francombe, CEO of Get Married. Stacie and I have met on other occasions but this trip gave us a chance to really connect. If you aren’t familiar with you should be. What a great site.

Get Married is supported on the air waves with a daily TV show on Lifetime at 7:30 AM, EDT. TIVO it or better yet just watch it on line. I could spent hours watching the archived goodie on GM.

My favorite things on the site are the video quick tips. I could literally spend hours. The videos are beautifully done and not just fluff. The information is cutting edge and detailed. Click on the Planning tab and select Expert Advice from the drop down. Get comfortable, you will want to stay for a while. The Quick Tips are as billed, quick; there are just so many great ones that you will keep on watching. Yes, sadly I have found one more habit to consume my time. At least this is a good one.

Tomorrow for Flower Friday I’ll share what the amazing Preston Bailey had to say.

Seating Charts and Table Layouts

I work with a variety of different wedding professionals on the back side of weddings. By back side I mean the people that make all the magic happen before you or your guests ever enter the room. I help florists and caterers and planners and rental companies. There is one single tool that all these different types of pros use to keep it all together: a CAD drawing of your event.

A CAD insures everyone is on the same page; it helps keep track of counts on things like linens and chairs. It helps everyone visualize the space in advance so that on the event day set up goes smoothly with out everyone running around asking redundant where, what and how many questions.

From the brides point of view a CAD can greatly simplify the entire ‘who sits where’ ordeal. It is just so much easier to plan your seating when you can see it in scale and in situ.

Perfect Table Plan is one of the sweetest consumer versions I have seen. For the relatively inexpensive price of $34.95 you get a fully functioning CAD to lay out your room; a guest list manager and a great ap for writing your seating chart. Handy!

I love that you can play endlessly with the room layout until you get it just right. Add some tables to the window then just drag them around until you like the layout. Cool.

If you are doing your own planning, you really need the ability to work up a map/layout like this for your vendors. Not only will you be making their life easier, but in the process yours too.

In my never ending quest to help brides get their vision out of their heads and into there vendors, I highly recommend that you print out a copy of your layout and take it to all your vendor meetings. So much easier than trying to explain where you want the tables and which centerpieces you want where.

If a system like this is what the pros depend on why shouldn’t you?

Wedded Bits

Laura over at just tipped me off to an online survey they are running about the central question in the Sex and the City movie: Will Carrie and Big tie the knot and is she ready for marriage? It seems that the brides-to-be that were polled think that they will indeed do the deed. If not, they want our favorite sex writer to skip back to that darling little Aidan. (my personal fav, but that is a long story) Vote and check out the rest of the details for yourself at the blog, Wedded Bits.

If you haven’t subscribed to Wedded Bits yet you really need to check it out. It’s a wonderfully newsy site with lots of celeb updates and style. It struck me as sort of People meets InStyle with Brides pulling it all together. Pretty fun concept and a new must read for me. With the power of Conde Nast behind it, they are able to get interviews and other inside dish that is beyond we mere mortals.

Thanks for the heads up Laura.

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