She Takes The Cake

One of the things you rarely see me post about are wedding cakes. I think it is because when I stopped doing them I needed a complete break. Lately they have started seeping into my life again.

Rather than dive back into the madness of baking and designing again I thought I would start a semi regular feature showcasing some of the best designer out there.

soft pink and green tower wedding cake by She Takes the Cake

First up, Jen of She Takes the Cake. I have been following Jen’s tweets and this girl thinks like me. Her cakes are simply stunning. This soft pink and green tower is particularly lovely.

You can view Jen’s gallery here or her Flickr photostream here. If you really want to get an inside look at the world of a cake designer, read her blog. Maybe then you can understand a) why wedding cakes are so expensive and b) why after 20 years I stepped away from the turntable.


  1. Well! What a wonderful way to spend my few fleeting moments taking a break from an insanely huge order! Thanks so much for the blog love…but mostly thanks for the recognition. I know you know what it’s like; it’s very tricky to tell it like it is sometimes to clients. A whole new world has opened up thanks to food/cake on TV and blogging so the public can totally get the skinny on these yummy and artistic desserts. It’s not your grandma’s cake anymore (hey that sounds familiar) and while it is “just cake” to some…to the rest of us it’s more than I can express in words. Pictures do it much better. Thanks for taking a peek into my world – I hope the flashback was a good one and I hope anyone not familiar with my cakes enjoys it too. For me…back to work…King Kong, his bride, and the building they are perched on are calling my name!

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