Denim Wedding Dress

And now for something completely different.
Denim Wedding Gown

Denim Wedding Gown

I ran across a site called Sat’n Spurs. Yep, most of it was just as, ummm interesting, as that name would lead you to believe. I did find this Denim wedding dress that was pretty unique. For the right bride in the right location, I think it could work. What are your thoughts? Yes, no, maybe??


  1. I say, forget it’s denim. She has a nice style of dress in the most beautiful azure blue. Who cares about what it’s made of?
    She’s probaly saving heaps of money on material too 😉

  2. SAtownBelle :

    I am getting married in the spring of 2010 and I was seriously considered wearing a denim wedding dress. I am a country girl but I also have class. The dresses at satnspurs are very well constructed and on the right bride they do look amazing. Recently I have opted to go for a traditional white gown for my ceremony but I will be wearing a denim dress for my reception. I think that if it looks good on the bride she can wear a burlap sack. Nothing is tacky when it’s what a woman’s heart desires.

  3. I also stumbled across this site and I think it is absolutely wonderful. I am in Texas and my soon to be husband is in Oklahoma…we are having a country style wedding…with the denim wedding dress my guests will also be asked to wear denim…relaxed and enjoying the occassion instead of being all dressed up and uncomfortable. I love it and I love the price which beats paying $1000 for a dress that I know I will be uncofortable in. It’s what is on the inside of the couple that is getting married anyway not what society thinks we should look like. 🙂


  1. Jessie says:

    wedding bouquet…

    It is about time someone wrote about this….

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