Real Brides Come in All Sizes

I just read a blog post that kind of ticked me off. It had to do with Plus Size Bridal.
It said that wedding gown manufacturers are creating sample gowns in sizes 14 and larger, so you can actually get a good sense of how you’d look headed down the aisle.

Well here is the dirty little truth. Salons can order their sample in whatever size they want. They buy those samples you see in the salons at the same price they do when they order your gown. Most shops buy only one size and hope that works.

Not any more. Every single shop that has contacted me to do marketing work for them in the last year has said that they want to put more emphasis of their “Plus Size Collections.” Hurrah!!

It is a fact that outside of the New York fashion and publishing bubble and LA, very few women in American have the bodies of heroin addicted waifs. We are real women and we are built like real women. The wonderful news is that more and more salons are getting hip to the fact that brides want to try on gowns, not just hold them up in front of them; and they are ordering accordingly. Even better, is that they aren’t ordering gowns “designed for the plus size bride” they are ordering the same gowns that they order in an 8 in an 18. I mean, just because you are built like a real woman doesn’t mean you want to dress like a dowdy matron.

The point is, the salons are hearing you and they are moving in the right direction. I recommend that you call around to the salons in your area and find out how deep their samples go in this size range. Find a salon that gets it. They are going to have the expertise to help you find the perfect gown to flatter your body type; no matter what it is.

While we are on the topic of Plus Size; why on earth do they call it that?

 Strapless Plus Size Bridal Gown with Pick ups

First off, the sizing on wedding gowns is ridiculous to begin with, most women are looking at ordering a size about 3 to 4 numbers higher than their normal street size. Double that if the have any boobs AT ALL. Why is that? It’s because most designers, especially couture, design for their models. Have you seen their models? Please God, someone feed these children. Where is Sally Struthers when you really need her?

Second, over the last fifty years, the sizing on street clothes has been gradually increasing. Hey, it’s a marketing move. If you find that in a particular line you routinely wear a size smaller you are going to love that line, right? Right! The problem is bridal has steadfastly refused to keep up.

You add those two up and what you end up with is a woman that wears a street 10 (Average in America) with a bit of a bust (You do realize that Breast Augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in America) that is buying a size 18 – 20 gown in order to fit all her parts in it. WTF???

Of course they also charge you more for a “Plus-Size.” That you can blame on the manufacturers and the factories, not the salons.


  1. Amen to that sister! It’s about time that the market understands the size of the market they are selling to…

  2. Woo this is wonderful…
    Granted couture is going to be 3 to 4 sizes bigger, it couture DUH!

  3. Bravissima! It’s about time someone called them on this! All people just want to look their best on the big day!

  4. Fabulous! Great write-up and a big thanks to you for writing it. Many beautiful brides are Goddess sized and those curves are better suited to a glamourous gown if you ask me. Even if you ‘don’t’ ask me..LOL. Let’s hear it for women with boobs!

  5. I think this author fails to realize that there’s something in between heroin waifs and women who can’t fit into sample sizes. I’m 5’2, and like many petite women, would have to gain quite a bit of weight before a sample size 10 would become snug (and I’m hardly thin to begin with). Let’s accept that women come in different sizes without such overgeneralizations and snippiness.

  6. Annalee,
    by heroin addicted waifs I was talking about the runway models that too many designers have in mind when they create. Had you ever sat at those runway shows you would know what I mean.

  7. I agree that bridal shops should offer more than just one size sample. But as you said that Real Brides Come in All Sizes, you should respect all sizes. Bodies of heroin addicted waifs is not a good way of calling skinny brides.

  8. I’m a very busty size twelve, and I agree with the general sentiment of this article. However, I have to say that the term ‘real women’ bothers me a lot. Some women are naturally thin, just like I’m naturally *cough* not, and that doesn’t make them one iota less real or valid as women.
    Thanks, too, gabbers, for pointing out that ‘heroin addicted waifs’ is not a kind term. Though some models are addicts or have eating disorders, they are victims of sizist culture just as much as larger women. I’ve been through an eating disorder and language like that doesn’t help in any way.

  9. I am glad that someone is writing about plus size bridez. You know one thing is that I went to a David’s Bridal here in awatukee AZ there was a dress that I had seen on their website and I called to schedule an appt to try on 4 specific dress. Before I could really give a model number they told “The models you want we dont have in your size.” Come on really b4 you assume something make sure you know the right info. My bridal ezpierence there was not the best especially when your bridal consultant is not professionally dressed and is telling you that a dress you want they don’t have. I get mad and really don’t you think us brides know what we want. Especially, when we want our dresses to make our bodies look a certain way. Its like hello we’re not BARBIES. So I am glad people are bringing this type of attention out to the public.


  11. Amazing page love it…..
    Where did you find that dress tho its amazing….. gettin married in a year and thats the perfect dress

  12. hey so true, I love the dress you have displayed, who made it? please email me im been searching for this dress everywhere!!!!

  13. 10? The average American woman is a 12-14!
    Skip the stores and the attitude and have your dream gown Made to Order by a Professional Gown Couturier where you’re not a dress size, you’re just YOU.

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