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Meet the Creatives
So many of the people I know in the wedding industry are here because it is the outlet for their creativity. I thought it would be fun to start showcasing some of this amazing talent that surrounds us.

Michelle Miller Mospens

If you are a lover of beautiful watercolor art you are going to love the personalized invitations from Michelle’s company My Personal Artist.
It is a known fact that I am both an art lover and a paper fanatic, for me, that all comes together in Michelle’s incredible work.  Michelle hand paints these beautiful invitation with either her designs or ones she has created just for you. I can’t think of a more beautiful way to invite your guests than by sending them a piece of custom created art.
Even if you are a DIY bride, you can order Michelle’s beautiful work as the base to print your own invitations on.
You can check it all out here at Michelle’s site  My Personal ArtistMyPersonalArtistPhoto

1.Where do you find your inspiration, I mean besides client requests?
My eyes. No matter what I see (a dress, a plant, a color, etc.) I create an invitation motif in my mind immediately. It never leaves me. I’ve been designing invitations and stationery for 11 years it is second nature to me.

2. What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I love making my clients happy with my artwork and designs. Many clients are deeply connected with the theme of my artwork.

3. I ran a recent discussion about what wedding professionals wish brides know about what they did. In that vein, what one misconception would you clear up if you could?
I would say KEEP IT SIMPLE. Most questions I have they look too deeply into it. I guess they think it is more difficult than it actually is. For instance, “do-it-yourself invitations you print at home”. Super easy and saves money. Most brides I talk to don’t realize you simply pop my “art print” cards in your printer and print your wording directly on them. Super simple.

4. Yes I really do love your art. Do you have a fine art collection? If so, where can we see it/love/ buy it??
Thank you for your kind words. I’ve been asked that question more than I can count the past 11 years. As of today ONLY ONE couple in Texas owns 1 of my paintings. I recently bought several large canvases and paints. I’m ready. Where to sell? I’m thinking I do have reserved to showcase my paintings in the future! Time will tell!
Keep us posted Michelle. I would love some of your work for my walls!

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