Creative Masculine Boutonnieres

Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer my men to be men. Thoroughly masculine creatures and proud of it. One of the few places a man gets to express himself in his wedding is in his boutonniere. All to often what happens is a bride sits down with her floral designer and the result is a totally feminine bout designs to please the aesthetics of the bride. WRONG!

Witness this atrocity from an earlier post:

Pink Bout with velvet ribbon

Pink Bout with velvet ribbon

You can dress your guys in style and still nod to the fact that they are men. Check out these beautiful, creative and totally masculine bouts. Your guys will thank you.Masculine Boutonnieres


Top row

Ace of bouts
chili pepper bout

Middle Row

juniper and sage boutonniere
bout with Thistles and feather
succulent and thistle bout


pom bout
composite bout with yellow mini calla

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