Escort Cards That Aren’t Boring

Why are escort card usually so boring? You know, a table with a sea of white cards with maybe a floral arangemnet in the middle or a few votive candles. Yuck!

How about doing something fun instead of just a card?

Like this for the sparkly bride…Escort cards with hanging crystals


or this for the eco-minded couple..Potted herb escort cards


This is my favorite idea but I guess I am the only one since I couldn’t find a single image using this idea. Ok, here we go…

Take this idea as a jumping offChampagne splits{source}

marry it to the idea of having tasty beverages for your guests at the ceremony…

add a Martha Stewart DIY butterfly straw with your escort card detail and…Pink Grapefruit soda

butterfly straws{source}

Voila! a refreshing fun idea for an escort card!

Stamp out boring where ever possible!


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